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Over the last 30 years FILTEC is proud to have been involved in the design, build and maintenance of water treatment systems for many Australian municipalities, as well some of Australia’s largest industrial companies.

Over the last five years, FILTEC’s Engineered Systems and Project Division has invested heavily in capital equipment and employee development to better service the demand for fully integrated project capabilities. We have expanded both our onsite and offsite fabrication facilities to build and install fully engineered water treatment systems to meet any process requirements.

FILTEC has experience working with many Australian municipal authorities in both Victoria and Queensland. Our portfolio also showcases the range of industrial sector water treatment plants designed and commissioned by FILTEC.

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After floods destroyed Mitchelton Wines’ water treatment systems, FILTEC provided two ultrafiltration systems to treat water for wine processing and drinking, ensuring the winery’s continued operation.
A Waikato dairy manufacturer needed demineralised water for their cheese processing facility and steam boiler feed. FILTEC designed and built the demineralisation plant in-house, at our fabrication facility in Auckland, before installing it at the dairy site.
New Zealand’s largest seafood company required a water recycling system for their new mussel powder and marine extract facility, to conserve the local Ōpaoa River source and reduce wastewater being discharged into the local authority trade waste system.
As part of the Rural Drinking Water programme, FILTEC upgraded water treatment systems at six marae in remote communities. The water treatment plants were delivered to sites, packaged as sheds, ready to be easily installed on-site.
Couran Point Services needed a cost-effective solution to provide the island community with safe drinking water. FILTEC developed a containerised RO water treatment plant built within a 20-foot sea shipping container. The container houses a reverse osmosis system, along with media filters (Turbidex and Calcite), UV disinfection system and hypochlorite dosing units.
This project involved the design and construction of a 2,000 m³/d Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for the Ohakea Rural Water Scheme. Manawatu District Council required the new WTP due to rapid growth of Sanson.
The Tasman District Council required a water treatment system that provided water quality improvements for household usage. The solution needed to make use of the existing water source while improving the quality of water delivered. FILTEC designed and installed a tube settler lamella clarifier along with a self-cleaning filter.
The Mobile Solar Powered PFAS Water Treatment Plant is a highly versatile and sustainable solution to treat PFAS contaminated water. It ensures the customer can remove PFAS for the water source to below detectible limits using renewable solar energy. FILTEC and the team are proud of this plant design and performance as it is 100% aligned with FILTEC’s core values.
North East Water (NEW) operates 21 water treatment facilities to provide drinking water to over 100,000 people in across north east Victoria, Australia. Wangaratta is a town located at the intersection of the Ovens and King rivers, creating a catchment for the north-western slopes of the Victorian Alps.
FILTEC was contracted to design and build a Water Treatment Plant for a large dairy site in Victoria, Australia. The source water was a shallow surface water catchment known as channel water.
The Puckapunyal Army base in Victoria, Australia sourced water from the local river. The water quality suffered from seasonal turbidity spikes and had a chance of algae bloom in summer. The army base required reliable, safe, and quality drinking water.
Longreach Council in Queensland, Australia had an urgent need to replace an aging and redundant gas chlorination system for a local community. Xylem Water Solution & Technology contracted FILTEC to design and plan a process involving a Reverse Osmosis system.
The overall objective of this contract was to design, procure, supply, manufacture, install, construct, test and commission a new lamella plate clarifier and associated works at the Casterton Water Treatment Plant (WTP).
FILTEC was awarded the contract for a turnkey project to design, build, supply, install and commission of a water treatment plant to provide treated water for food manufacturing and as drinking water for employees at a new cheese plant at the Stanhope site.
Providing safe drinking water is Hasting District Council’s number one priority. Therefore, the council required water treatment systems upgrades that could provide safe and quality drinking water for the smaller communities that are not connected to the water main network.


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