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Media Filtration Solutions

FILTEC has years of experience building and designing media filtration solutions to meet site specific conditions.

FILTEC Media Filters

Choosing the right water treatment process is a specialised skill. FILTEC has the in house experience backed by water science to deliver an end to end solution for your ends.

An engineered system that meets your filtration needs. Automatic controls save labour and provide a better filtration system without the need for valves, pumps, flow controllers or electricity. Ideal for remote sites with flow rates from 8-125m3/hr.

Activated carbon has been used to remove chlorine, odours and contaminants from water for many years. Let FILTEC ensure the correct Carbon Filter solution is installed for your water treatment requirements

FILTEC has years of experience building and servicing ion exchange filters to treat both general and specific water requirements. Let FILTEC recommend a solution for your specific needs.

FILTEC offers several different solutions based on water test results for Iron and Manganese removal from water these include water softeners or greensand filters. 

FILTEC sand and multimedia filter units are skid-mounted, workshop assembled and wired, hydro-tested, and delivered to site ready for installation. When sized properly and with the correct configuration of filter media, these filters can remove suspended solids as small as 5 micron

FILTEC stocks and supplies a wide variety of specialised water treatment media and ion exchange resins and can arrange quotes on servicing your existing filters and replacing media in your water treatment equipment.


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