Water for Wine Processing & Winery Sustainability

We provide high-quality water for wine processing and drinking and are committed to supporting winery sustainability goals.

Secure your winery with our water treatment solutions for wine processing and drinking water

water for wine processing & winery drinking water

FILTEC recognises water’s vital role in winemaking, from grapevine irrigation to processing and reuse. Our services optimise water quality across your winery, including cellar, lodging, and restaurant.

Amid changing environmental conditions, such as the expected drought from El Niño, securing your vineyard is paramount. Our comprehensive solutions not only address water quality and conservation but also offer strategies for winery sustainability in the face of water scarcity challenges. 

We have learnt through the past several years working with vineyards throughout Australia, how crucial ultrafiltration and reuse systems are to a winery’s performance and operations.

water for wine processing & winery drinking water

We supply water to your entire winery site

We supply water to your entire winery site

Why choose FILTEC for your winery water supply

Our water treatment services support wineries in achieving efficient wine production while maintaining traditional flavours, quality, and long-term stability. Leave the water technicalities to us and focus on crafting exceptional wines.

Reliable & Affordable Equipment

We are backed by leading global suppliers who have trusted FILTEC to apply their equipment for decades.

Remote Monitoring

We support your winery by providing real-time data, ensuring optimal efficiency, early issue detection, cost savings, and compliance.

Minimal Operator Input

Our customer-centric solutions meet the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and offer a convenient plug-and-play operation.

Low Maintenance & Operating Expenses

Our water treatment systems ensure wineries thrive with minimal upkeep costs, guaranteeing consistent water quality.

Service Support

Our ongoing support will help you optimise and increase the longevity of your winery’s water treatment system, and help it perform more efficiently.

Our Winery Water Treatment Solutions

winery drinking water water for wine processing

Drinking Water for Winery Operations

Experience superior tasting water with our ultrafiltration systems. Our solutions guarantee your winery’s cellar door, restaurant, and accommodation have access to the highest quality drinking water.

Our advanced filtration technology eliminates impurities and contaminants, resulting in crisp, refreshing water that is perfect for drinking, cooking, and brewing. Our systems are easy to install, operate and maintain, ensuring that you receive the highest quality water with minimal hassle.

winery drinking water water for wine processing
ultrafiltration system for winery drinking water for wine processing

Water for Wine Processing

Experience a new level of processing water with our ultrafiltration systems, which effectively remove even the smallest particles and contaminants from water used in wine processing.

By choosing our ultrafiltration systems, wineries gain a competitive edge, improving product quality, reducing operating costs, and minimising environmental impact in the wine production process.

winery sustainability and reuse water

Winery Sustainability & Reuse

Water conservation and quality are vital for sustainable winery operations. A water reuse system can help prolong your winery’s water supply. 

FILTEC provides an integrated approach to water treatment, including low-carbon ultrafiltration systems for potable water, compatible with water recycling.

FILTEC also supplies water reuse systems from a leading equipment supplier that can recycle both drinking water and wastewater. 

winery sustainability and reuse water

How we’ve already helped other winery customers

We have learnt through the past several years working with vineyards throughout Australia how importantly our drinking water and reuse systems contribute to a winery’s successful operation.