Residential Surface Water

Lakes, dams, rivers and streams all provide surface water for individual household use in Australia. These sources often vary greatly through location, seasonality and weather events. Find out how to ensure your water quality can be consistent and safe year round.

Understanding surface water treatment options

Surface water from lakes, rivers, ponds and dams can be a useful source of water for rural property owners.

This surface water can be used for a variety of applications including irrigation and household use. 

For irrigation water depending on the volume of water required and the budget available there is two main treatment styles

Traditional multi-stage treatment process

Or an Ultrafiltration based process which removes a high level of contaminants. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, but we can help explain these when matched to your site, water quality and budget. 

Treatment for residential drinking water use is possibly the most challenging task for FILTEC as each site has specific water quality issues based on the wide variety sources. Often the water quality can be variable across seasons and have unique issues not found in other water sources such as its exposure to a wide variety of pollutants and the potential for algal blooms that are difficult to monitor and treat.

Contact Filtec or find a local partner to discuss your surface water treatment needs.

Find your local FILTEC partner

FILTEC has a Partner Network working across the country in community. Experts in installation with years of experience helping locals with their water needs. Our Partners can recommend install and service FILTEC solutions, as well as supply a wide range of spares and accessories.