Surface Water

Lakes, dams, rivers and streams all provide surface water for household use in Australia. These sources often vary greatly through seasonality and weather events. Find out how to ensure your water quality can be consistent and safe year round. 

Understanding Surface Water Treatment

Due to the variable nature of surface water sources, they present a unique challenge for water treatment. Additional testing and monitoring should be undertaken as the risk of unexpected and potentially undesirable change is higher in surface water sources. Having a record of water quality over time helps with the design process prior to installation or when it comes time to upgrade a plant as a community grows. Suitable storage levels need to be considered to ensure any disruption to the treatment process through weather events can be minimised.

Treatment plant designs can include additional monitoring and treatment requirements to mitigate the impact of seasonal contaminants which occur as the seasons change. The seasonal changes can include taste and odour issues, algal blooms or sediment from snow melt or heavy rain and general water levels and community demand depending on where you live and the water source.

Filtec has the experience and proven track record to provide water for your local community and the combined Service teams of Filtec and our Partner network to provide ongoing service and maintenance to ensure your water is safe.

Surface Water Treatment Solutions

Site specific water treatment options will be selected to match water analysis and a process to remove or reduce specific contaminants will be developed. The plant will be sized to meet the community water usage.

If you need surface water treatment for any application we can provide a solution from simple sediment removal right through to Australian Drinking Water Standards compliant plants

As rules and compliance requirements around water treatment for small communities evolve let FILTEC help you provide safe water for your local community.

Ensuring a water treatment plant continues to provide clean, safe water does require a certain level of monitoring, maintenance and regular servicing. This can be inhouse, full service or a mix of both. 

Find your local FILTEC partner

FILTEC has a Partner Network working across the country in community. Experts in installation with years of experience helping locals with their water needs. Our Partners can recommend install and service FILTEC solutions, as well as supply a wide range of spares and accessories.