Remote Community & Rural Water Supply

Affordable rural water supply solutions delivering safe and compliant drinking water.

Sustainable Water Solutions for Rural Businesses and Communities

Rural Water Supply Remote Communities Small Communities

At FILTEC, we understand the pressing concerns of rural businesses and remote communities when it comes to establishing water treatment systems that are both sustainable and hassle-free. It is vital that your water treatment system complies with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines while also being easy to maintain and use.

To address this, we have developed robust rural water supply solutions that ensure rural schools, businesses, and housing developments have access to safe drinking water. Our rural water supply solutions require minimal upkeep, are dependable, and meet compliance standards.

Rural Water Supply Remote Communities Small Communities

Who we’ve helped with our rural water supply solutions

Water Sources We Treat

Rural Water Sources
Rural Water Sources

Our approach to providing safe drinking water to
rural businesses and communities

Scalable Population Range

We cater to populations ranging from less than 50 people up to 500 people.

Versatile System Sizes

Our systems are available in various sizes to accommodate diverse water quality and volume requirements.

Cultural Consideration

Our solutions are thoughtfully designed, taking into account your community's deep-rooted connection to your ancient puna or water source.

Local Partnership

We collaborate with local installers located near your community or business to ensure prompt and efficient system installation and servicing.

On-Site Training

We provide on site training sessions for rural site owners, operators, and service personnel, empowering community representatives to build capacity and enhance capabilities.

Compliance with Standards

Our solutions adhere to the latest Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Introducing the FILTEC AquaSAFE

Transforming water quality for remote communities and businesses

The FILTEC AquaSAFE is an innovative and cost-effective water treatment solution specifically designed for small communities, marae, rural schools and sites on private supplies. Assembled in-house by FILTEC, the AquaSAFE is available in sizes ranging from 25 to 100 cubic meters per day.

This flexibility ensures we can tailor the system to match your water source, quality, and volume needs. The AquaSAFE incorporates essential filtration and disinfection processes to deliver consistently safe drinking water. 

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