Dosing, Control & Monitoring

Precision control and the ability to regulate dosing and monitor the process of water treatment is essential for high purity applications in all industries

Analysers & instrumentation

Quality Control

Monitoring, understanding and controlling the quality of water is a critical part of ensuring you get the High Purity water you require. Having the right analysers and instrumentation will ensure changes are identified, dosing is modified and water quality remains constant. FILTEC has a range of portable and fixed equipment offering a wider range of sampling functionality and accuracy to suit even the most demanding requirements. 

Process optimisation

Is your water up to the job?

Has your business outgrown its current water treatment system? Are you meeting national and international industry standards to ensure production consistency and high-quality products? Let FILTEC help ensure water is not the weak link in your production process.

service & maintenance

Smooth Operation

Ensure smooth operation and the avoidance of unexpected outages through regular equipment servicing and maintenance by highly trained FILTEC service technicians. Long term service contracts ensure you get consistent performance and maximum life from your water treatment plant.

Project Case Studies

FILTEC has a long history of working with major water authorities, city and town councils. Check out our recent projects at Water Treatment Plants.

Braemar Springs Automatic Dosing – Whakatane

Filtec was contracted by Whakatane District Council to supply and install equipment for the purpose of automatic dosing of chlorine gas at Breamar Springs pump station.

Fonterra Lichfield Water Treatment Plant

This project involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a Demineralised water plant for boiler feed water, Chlorination system for superchlorinated water and associated pipework and pumping for demin water,