FILTEC offers the latest in gas chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing systems and packages including gas feed and residual monitoring technologies which continue to set the benchmark for safe and reliable drinking water purification in Australia.

Gas Feed Chlorination Systems

All-vacuum operated gas feed equipment & solutions for simple & reliable disinfection dosing, control & safety management. Benefits of the system include: the most economic disinfectant available, safe all-vacuum dosing operation using accurate and reliable V-Notch™ flow control technology, manual and automatic dosing control options, automatic detection and shut-down in the event of accidental gas release.

Liquid Feed Chlorination

FILTEC supplies all aspects of liqiud feed dosing pumps & injection quills as well as dosing skids and chlorine scales

Onsite Sodium Hypochlorite Generation Systems

On-site hypochlorite generation systems operate by electrolyzing a brine solution. ​The systems produce sodium hypochlorite onsite and on demand, at a cost that is significantly lower than purchased hypochlorite. The OSEC® On-site Chlorination System product line is designed for applications ranging from potable water disinfection and leisure to marine and off-shore usage. 

Chlorine Safety

Lower the risks associated with chemical handling with the right safety equipment including shut off valves and gas detectors