Wangaratta Bore Water Treatment Plant


North East Water Authority, VIC, Australia



$2.25 Million

Project type:
Water Treatment

Plant Capacity:
8.7 MLD

Customer Need

North East Water (NEW) operates 21 water treatment facilities to provide drinking water to over 100,000 people in across north east Victoria, Australia. Wangaratta is a town located at the intersection of the Ovens and King rivers, creating a catchment for the north-western slopes of the Victorian Alps. Flooding occurs during heavy rainfall events, which in turn makes the water turbid due to increase in solids and colloids.

Wangaratta’s existing water treatment plant was unable to extract solids from the water to meet Australian drinking water standards so they needed a new plant that would be able to supplement the existing plant to meet volume and quality requirements.

What We Did

FILTEC won this project through an open tender process as the lead contractor. The project involved the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of a new water treatment plant and associated equipment, chemical storage & dosing system, Schedule 10 S/S pipework, valves and instruments. FILTEC installed new greensand pressure filters to remove manganese, iron and other contaminants

The Results

The new plant provided the Wangaratta community a resilient, flexible, and reliable water supply. It not only is able to treat turbid water caused by harsh weather conditions, the allows NEW staff to take the main plant off-line at any time to conduct critical infrastructure work.

Furthermore, during any drought events, the plant will be able to meet water demands and reduce tight water restrictions.