Puckapunyal Army Base – Compact Membrane


Puckapunyl Army Base




Project type:
Water Treatment

Plant Capacity:

Customer Need

The Puckapunyal Army base in Victoria, Australia sourced water from the local river. The water quality suffered from seasonal turbidity spikes and had a chance of algae bloom in summer. The army base required reliable, safe, and quality drinking water. To achieve this, they required an update on their water treatment system (WTP) to treat the water, switching from conventional
water treatment technology to ultra-filtration (uF) membrane technology.

What We Did

FILTEC tendered for and won the project to deliver a containerised uF WTP to meet the Puckapunyal Army Base’s potable water site needs.a The design incorporated the Evoqua (DuPont) “economy” range uF processes complimented with a bespoke control system enabling total and adjustable controls and operations. The plant and process were completely FAT tested (and witnessed) at

FILTEC’s Mt Waverley facility prior to being despatched to site. Final on-site commissioning and handover is due to be completed in January 2021. One of the biggest challenges of this project was the need to physically install all equipment in a 40-foot container while retaining effective and practical access for operations and maintenance. On top of this is the need to meet tight deadlines.

The Results

Once completed, the WTP will produce 1.5-ML/day. Membrane integrity testing and the capacity to pin repair individual fibres to ensure a treated water turbidity of <0.1-NTU. The plant shall deliver the army community surety of quality and integrity of the local water supply into the future.