Small Community

Water supplies for small communities require special attention to ensure they are keep people safe and provide simple cost effective solutions

What are the different types of water sources?

Small communities draw their water from a variety of sources and due to the varying sizes of these communities, different treatment options are available.

Drawn from underground water deposits, bore water can contain dissolved minerals and contaminants that require treatment for both safety and aesthetics. Water testing ensures the plant is designed for the specific needs of your community.

More susceptible to seasonal variation and weather events, surface water sources such as lakes, rivers and springs provide unique challenges. Regular monitoring will ensure your water treatment plant can handle the variety of conditions in you region.

A special category of water supply where water is shared between irrigation (65%) and household use (35%) in some rural locations. The water entering each house must be treated to deal with the specific contaminants and any seasonal variations.

What you need to know about small community water treatment

Before you look to install or upgrade your current water treatment plant for a small community here are some key aspects to consider for a successful outcome.

Water supply owners are responsible for ensuring their drinking water supply is registered with Taumata Arowai under the Water Services Act 2021

Identify hazards and risks relevant to your drinking water supply and how they will be managed and responded to in the event of an issue arising. 

All registered drinking water suppliers must ensure the water they supply is safe and compliant. Regular water testing provides evidence of this.

FITLEC can design, supply and install comprehensive multi barrier approaches to water treatment for all sizes of supplies and all sources of water.

All water treatment systems require some level of maintenance and service. FILTEC has a network of partners able to provide ongoing service & support.

Treatment Solutions For Small Communities

Let Filtec help design, supply, install, commission and service the water treatment plant for your community. We have the capability and experience to provide a practical solution for your needs.

Advanced Treatment Units

Water source, composition and quality will determine the number of additional processes required to ensure your treated water meets Australian Drinking water standards and new drinking water rules compliant for acceptable solutions. FILTEC has an extensive range of proven solutions to ensure it will.


UV and chlorine disinfection systems sized to meet site flow rates and small distribution networks are a core component of any treatment plant. FILTEC can size and recommend the right disinfection options to ensure a multi barrier approach achieves a high level of safety for your community. With access to world leading products, installation and commissioning experience we can treat your water.

Installation, Commissioning & Servicing

Ensuring the plant is installed correctly, commissioned and serviced regularly will see years of trouble free operation. Filtec has both a nationwide network of partners and our own in house team of project managers and service technicians spread across the country to manage your water treatment plants. 

Find your local FILTEC partner

FILTEC has a Partner Network working across the country in community. Experts in installation with years of experience helping locals with their water needs. Our Partners can recommend install and service FILTEC solutions, as well as supply a wide range of spares and accessories.