Water Servicing and Plant Maintenance

Experience our top-notch water and wastewater treatment plant maintenance services that prioritise equipment longevity and optimal performance.

Maximise Plant Performance through Expert Water Servicing

Water Servicing and Plant Maintenance Australia

In the realm of water treatment, the critical importance of regular water servicing and maintenance cannot be overstated. For water authorities, councils, and industrial manufacturers, the consequences of neglecting these vital tasks are all too familiar – increased operational costs, reduced efficiency, and potential regulatory compliance issues.

FILTEC offers tailored water servicing arrangements that ensure the uninterrupted and optimal performance of your water treatment plants. Find out how our expertise can maintain the seamless operation of your systems.

Water Servicing and Plant Maintenance Australia

Our Water Servicing Capabilities

Who We Service

Plant Maintenance Australia
Plant Maintenance Australia

Why Choose FILTEC for your Plant Servicing and Maintenance?

Decades of Combined Experience

Our service team brings over 100 years of collective experience in water treatment plant servicing and maintenance. Our deep industry knowledge is your assurance of excellence.

Comprehensive Service Offerings

From preventive maintenance to calibration, membrane cleans, and changes. Our expertise ensures that every aspect of your system's needs is met efficiently under one roof.

Proven Track

FILTEC has a demonstrated history of enhancing plant performance at municipal and industrial facilities. Our solutions are tried, tested, and proven to minimise disruptions and maximise plant performance.

Cost-Effective Optimisation

Our water servicing and optimisation services are strategically devised to optimise your plant's efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and reduced operational costs for your facility.

Regulatory Compliance Guarantee

We're well-versed in Australian Water Guidelines and will ensure that your plant consistently meets and exceeds these standards, eliminating compliance concerns.

Specialist UF Filtration Expertise

Our team possess specialist experience in ultrafiltration and membrane filtration. We understand the intricacies of these systems, ensuring that your filtration system operates at peak performance.

Water Treatment Plant Servicing Australia

Areas We Service

We service water and wastewater treatment plants across Victoria, Queensland, New South WalesSouth Australia, and Tasmania.

 With our commitment to making water safer, we ensure that these vital systems operate at their best to meet the growing demands of these regions.

Water Treatment Plant Servicing Australia

Our Service Technicians

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Cameron Service Technician


Water Service Engineer - Queensland

Cameron, a seasoned water treatment expert with 12 years of experience, holds qualifications as a plumber, restricted electrical license holder, and a Certificate 3 in Water Treatment Operations. 

He started in Queensland, installing wastewater and water recycling plants, then spent 7 years in the UK in plumbing and medical gas roles. Recently, he worked on water treatment projects, including ultrapure demin water plants.

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Kaanan Service Technician


Water Service Engineer - Victoria

Kaanan has over 23 years of experience in the water industry including reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration installation, servicing, quotation, team management, technical design, support, and diagnostics.       

With five years tenure at FILTEC Australia, Kannan has recently been promoted to Southern Service Team leader.

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Dean Service Technician


Water Service Engineer - Victoria

Dean has worked 30-years as a field service engineer across various industries in Victoria.

He joined the Filtec service team at their Melbourne office in 2016.

Since then, Dean has gained valuable working experience as a service engineer in the water filtration industry.

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Todd Service Technician


Water Service Technician - Victoria

With 25 years of diverse experience in manufacturing, oil and gas (green and brownfield sites), the water industry, and FMCG, Todd excels in project management, quality control, lean manufacturing, team management, technical design, and more. 

His 14-month tenure at FILTEC Australia includes Project Managing our proprietary ultrafiltration range, utilising lean principles for effective problem-solving and process improvement.

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James Service Technician


Water Service Engineer - Victoria

With 25 years of experience in the mining, industrial, and food/pharma sectors, including running his own electrical contracting business, James possess an A-grade electrical license, a Cert 4 in electrical instrumentation, and has experience in electrical drafting.

Additionally, his four-year background in water treatment is complemented by his problem-solving skills developed from growing up on a large farm.

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