Water Treatment Services

FILTEC offers comprehensive water treatment services, including expert
water treatment plant servicing, maintenance and optimisation.

Supporting you through water treatment
design, build and maintenance capabilities

Supporting you through water treatment design, build and maintenance capabilities

FILTEC supports the full lifecycle of your project, from initial water and wastewater design to ongoing water treatment maintenance. Our team of engineering design experts and manufacturing fabricators will execute your required services in-house, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost-effective solutions.

Water treatment plant servicing and maintenance


Water treatment plant servicing and maintenance

FILTEC specialises in water treatment maintenance and repair, ensuring peak efficiency and quality for your system. We understand that downtime is not an option for drinking water suppliers or businesses reliant on large-scale treatment systems. Our  experienced team handles complex systems, ensuring optimal performance and safe, compliant water.


Our water treatment equipment sourcing services provide businesses with a streamlined and efficient process for acquiring high-quality equipment and spare parts. We source from leading global manufacturers, ensuring reliability in the products we deliver and guaranteeing long-lasting, sustainable water treatment design for our customers


Our innovative engineers are committed to delivering the best in water treatment plant design. from the initial concept and feasibility study to the final detailed design and construction drawings. We work closely with customers to develop a water or wastewater design plan that meets budget, timeline, and performance goals.


With our in-house water treatment fabrication facility, we oversee the entire build of your water treatment plant design, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance. Through having an in-house water treatment fabrication team, we offer control over product quality and project programme management, meeting your budget and timeline goals.


As part of our water treatment services, our team will install, test, and verify your water treatment system to meet performance  requirements. We conduct a comprehensive inspection of all  components, perform functional tests, and address any potential issues, ensuring smooth system operation and long-term performance.


Water treatment plant optimisation

Our process engineers specialise in water treatment optimisation, focusing on enhancing system performance, cost reduction, and improving water quality. From chemistry assessment to addressing inefficiencies, our experts will maximise your water treatment infrastructure through fine-tuning or complete overhaul.

Water treatment plant optimisation


FILTEC offers water treatment training services to empower operators in managing their systems safely. Our experienced trainers cover operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and safety, minimising downtime and errors. By detecting and resolving issues early, operators can extend system lifespan, enhance productivity, cut costs, and ensure compliance