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Genuine UV Lamps & Parts

Order your parts through FILTEC to ensure efficient operation and ease of maintenance of your Trojan UV disinfection system.

Need a replacement UV lamp or spare part for your TrojanUV water treatment solution?

Each component of a TrojanUV system, including its parts and components, has been designed through extensive research and development, and validated to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The use of Genuine TrojanUV parts not only helps to ensure proper operation and long service life of your TrojanUV system, but most critically, avoids invalidating or compromising the drinking water standards or resource consent for your water treatment facility.

Other non-genuine or knock off UV lamps, may deliver less UV output – this means the UV dose would be drastically reduced, putting your disinfection process and permit compliance at risk.

Trojan UV Lamps and Spare Parts

Why should you choose genuine UV lamps and parts?

Lifetime Disinfection
 Performance Guarantee

When you use genuine TrojanUV parts, your system will continue to meet the performance requirement specified at purchase*.


Using non-TrojanUV parts may void UV system safety certifications and could create unsafe conditions for operating and servicing your equipment.

Validated Equipment
and Components

TrojanUV systems, including components, have been developed through extensive research and are designed to work together, with their performance validated.

FILTEC Technical Support

Our qualified service technicians are trained to provide installation, support and maintenance throughout New Zealand and in Australia.

Comprehensive Warranty Coverage

Using non-TrojanUV parts in your system may void your equipment warranty. Warranties are available on lamps, lamp drivers and UV sensors.

*Provided that the system’s original design parameters haven’t changed (e.g., flow rate, UV transmittance) and maintenance is completed per the UV system’s O&M manual.

Our Trojan UV Disinfection Range

Household & Small Commercial Water Supply

VIQUA Pro10, Pro20, Pro30 and Pro50

The VIQUA Pro Series offers a compact piece of equipment for households and light commercial installations. The Pro Series are third-party validated to NSF 55 Class A or USEPA with flow rates from 38lpm to 189lpm. It is a popular UV disinfection solution for executive homes, maraes and light commercial applications including day cares, residential care homes, restaurants, small resorts and lodges.

Available Parts: UV Lamps, Quartz Sleeves, Controllers

Small Community Water Supply

The TrojanUV Swift SC is a compact UV system that offers communities an economical solution for drinking water treatment. The UV Swift SC comes in a multiple sizes to treat a range of flow rates, with the D03 suitable for small community water supply facilities.

Available Parts: UV Lamps, Lamp Driver, Quartz Sleeves

Trojan UV Lamps and Spare Parts

Large Community Water Supply

The TrojanUV Swift SC municipal drinking water system offers proven performance against waterborne pathogens including viruses, bacteria and protozoa. Our advanced systems meet disinfection targets with unsurpassed reliability. The UV Swift provides a flexible platform that allows for upgrades to meet new or more stringent requirements. The UV Swift SC comes in a multiple sizes to treat a range of flow rates, with the D30 suitable for large community water treatment plants.

Available Parts: UV Lamps, Lamp Driver, Quartz Sleeves

Urban Water Supply & Tertiary Wastewater

Offering the latest advancements in system controls to optimise performance, operating costs, and regulatory reporting, the TrojanUV Flex (drinking water) also accommodates disinfection needs for Cryptosporidium, Giardia, viruses, and other organisms.

The TrojanUV Flex Wastewater allows for flexible design options to encourage wastewater reuse providers to design for worst-case performance conditions but also operate efficiently in real-time by minimising lamp use and power.

Available Parts: UV Lamps, Lamp Drivers, Quartz Sleeves

Urban Wastewater Supply

The TrojanUV Signa incorporates innovations to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. It is an ideal wastewater treatment solution for primary, secondary, and reuse applications.

The benchmark TrojanUV 3000Plus wastewater UV system is capable of being used in all areas of wastewater treatment including non-potable reuse. It is well suited to wastewater disinfection applications with a wide range of flow rates, as well as challenging effluent and high level disinfection.

Available Parts: UV Lamps, Lamp Driver, Quartz Sleeves

How to order your TrojanUV Genuine Parts

Need replacement parts or new UV lamps for your Trojan UV disinfection system?

Let us know what parts you need in the form below. Our team will get back to you with a no-obligation quote that includes suggested quantities, warranty information and pricing.

Or view our Trojan UV product range to see what parts are available for your system.

If you need maintenance or help changing the lamps on your water treatment plant’s Trojan UV disinfection system, please also contact us via the form below.


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