Control & Monitoring

FILTEC can integrate with existing systems to control your treatment plant or supply solutions for onsite or remote monitoring and control.

Proactive monitoring and control improves plant performance

FILTEC can help solve a range of issues and simplify the performance, operation and management of water treatment plants through effective control and monitoring systems. With options to integrate into existing systems, add in standalone PLC control systems or provide simple dashboards to visualise data from remote sites through IoT connectivity.

Water Treatment Plants can be retrofit with smart devices or preferably specified when designing and ordering new equipment or plants. Collecting, aggregating and sharing operational data is a key compliance requirement but transferring large amounts of raw information into useful information can be a challenge.

Remote monitoring of water assets provides value in the short term through optimisation and helps develop a strong analytical strategy going forward. IoT connected equipment offers additional insight into your operations and data can be visualised in meaningful ways to assist your team in refining and improving the efficiency your operations.

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