Water treatment for Industrial applications is an important part of any business. Whether it is ensuring the efficient use of energy to heat boilers or recovery and reuse of process water for improved resource management FILTEC can help with your Industrial water requirements.

Industrial Water Treatment Considerations

FILTEC works with some of the largest players in the Australian and New Zealand industrial sector to ensure their many and varied water treatment requirements are meet.

FILTEC has the ability to work with clients and consultants to identify initial and ongoing requirements and solutions. We can then design, install and commission your water treatment plant as well as providing on servicing, maintenance and spare parts.

Many processes require water that has been treated to improve efficiency and save on maintenance in the process flow. Other applications use the water itself to create products or food and beverages and need to be able to ensure water quality is not only safe but delivered at consistently high quality.

FILTEC has a full suite of processes to remove undesirable contaminants, our process engineering team can design and size a treatment plant to meet your needs and save you money. Our team can install and commission the site as well as provide full operator training for ease of operation. We can then support you through the life of the operation with regular servicing and maintenance.

Industrial Water Treatment Solutions

Whether your starting out or wanting to expand and grow, FILTEC can help ensuring your water and wastewater processes are fit for purpose. FILTEC or our local partners can supply, install and service your industrial water plant.

Filtration is a versatile form of removing particles from liquid including water and wastewater. From coarse strainers through to fine cartridges and membranes FITLEC’s product range from market leaders provide flexible scalable solutions for a wide range of applications and flow rates.

A FILTEC Multimedia Sand Filter is the best solution for removing visible solids (and thus turbidity), so you have clear water which won’t damage Industrial equipment. The layers of media last for many years so maintenance and running costs are very low.

Water softeners can be utilised in a large variety of industrial applications to reduce unnecessary plant down time, excessive maintenance costs and increased operating costs by preventing the formation of hard water scale deposits, removing some undesirable dissolved minerals and low levels of iron and manganese.

Depending on the source of your water or the application it may require additional specialised treatment to reduce or remove undesirable dissolved minerals. With options using Filter media, absorption media and Ion exchange media FILTEC can selectively remove or reduce contaminants and impurities.

Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV light offers a broad-spectrum of protection against a wide range of water borne pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and chlorine-resistant protozoa. Let FILTEC help select the right size UV system and dose rate for your Industrial process.

Chlorine Disinfection

A proven process that can be scaled across applications and sites. With options for onsite Chlorine Generation (OSEC) or gas feed let us match a solution to your requirements and budget.


Simplify the control of your process and inhouse analysis. Understanding what is happening on your site can save money and improve compliance. FILTEC are able to offer presales advice and recommendations based on nearly 30 years of experience in the field.

Equipment Servicing

FILTEC has a national service team located as the country to ensure your water treatment plant is running smoothly and safely. FITLEC offers a full range of services from installation, commissioning and calibration to training and the supply of spare parts.

Project Case Studies

FILTEC has a long history of working with major water authorities, city and town councils. Check out our recent projects at Water Treatment Plants.

Fonterra Lichfield Water Treatment Plant

This project involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a Demineralised water plant for boiler feed water, Chlorination system for superchlorinated water and associated pipework and pumping for demin water,

Dairy Water Treatment Plant – Pokeno

A new dairy production plant in Waikato, New Zealand needed a water treatment plant as part of their production line. The dairy plant sourced water from a local bore water