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Ensuring you meet industry standards for both fresh water and wastewater, as well as the potential to increase production by providing clean water for your farming requirements

Water Treatment Solutions for all Farming Needs

Every input in modern farming systems need to be reviewed and assessed to see if they are fit for purpose. Water is no different, with water being sourced, stored and used in very different ways across the variety of agricultural applications a tailored solution is usually required to meet the individual usage requirements.

FILTEC has solutions to help ensure safe water for farming families, increase production and animal welfare, meet compliance and industry standards no matter how large or small your farm is. To provide the local support required for successful projects, FILTEC has a network of trusted partners throughout Australia that can provide recommendations, installation and servicing of water treatment solutions.

All successful projects start with clear goals and the outcomes defined. Getting a water test, and understanding how much water is used in the various processes on the farm will enable FILTEC or our trusted partners to work with you to establish your water treatment goals and project outcomes.

FILTEC has proven solutions for the full breath of water quality issues including reducing iron and manganese, nitrate reduction, pH neutralisation, disinfection, filtration, softening as well as taste and odour improvement. We can even provide Australian Drinking Water Standards compliant systems if you are supplying drinking water for residential use.

Contact us today to get more information on your water and treatment requirements and responsibilities.

Water Treatment Solutions

Explore the range of some of the more common water treatment processes used in agriculture to improve water quality.

Depending on water test results reduction of Iron & Manganese can be achieved by one of two processes, a water softener or a greensand filter.

For effective removal of sediment in your bore or surface water supply for your house, farm or industrial use. Multimedia filters are a cost effective option

Activated carbon filtration is the most effective for removal of organic contaminants and chlorine from water that affect taste and odour.

Whether you are washing down the cow shed, supplying water to other houses or using it in your own home, effective disinfection is vital for safe water.

Project Case Studies

FILTEC has a long history of working with major water authorities, city and town councils. Check out our recent projects at Water Treatment Plants.

Fonterra Lichfield Water Treatment Plant

This project involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a Demineralised water plant for boiler feed water, Chlorination system for superchlorinated water and associated pipework and pumping for demin water,

Dairy Water Treatment Plant – Pokeno

A new dairy production plant in Waikato, New Zealand needed a water treatment plant as part of their production line. The dairy plant sourced water from a local bore water


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