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Purite HPA 30


For pathology and clinical analysis laboratories.

The Purite HPA 30 is compact, simple to operate and maintain, and is compatible with all major brands of clinical analysers.

Type II / Deionised (DI) water

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The Purite HPA 30 integrates reverse osmosis, deionisation and micro-filtration, plus a sophisticated control and colour LCD touch-screen display in a compact, easy to install and use unit. An internal 20 litre storage tank is fitted as standard, with the option of larger external tanks.

The Purite HPA 30 provides a guaranteed and consistent flow of purified water to a quality better than 10 megaohms per centimetre. The unit is compact, uses proven technology and is low maintenance, making it ideal for supplying all leading brands of clinical analysers.

Additional features of the Purite HPA 30:

  • Guaranteed > 10MΩ.cm water quality.
  • Remote Display Pod (optional).
  • Energy saving intelligent stand-by mode.
  • Manual dispense from storage tank.
  • Colour touch screen display with process graphics.
  • Water quality parameters, MΩ.cm, °C, flowrate displayed.
  • Internal microfiltration.
  • Make-up production rate of 30 litres per hour (at 10 °C).
  • 20, 50 and 100 litre storage options.
  • Can be bench, under bench or wall mounted.
  • WiFi enabled for remote monitoring and operation.
  • 8mm pressurised outlet for direct connection to analyser.

Ask for the ECO option on select Purite water purification systems for an easy upgrade which can be made retrospectively to existing systems on your next service visit. Reduce water and electricity wastage in your lab with the industry leading reverse osmosis (RO) systems with high water recovery rates and intelligent standby mode.

Applicable Purite models for the ECO upgrade: Analyst, HP, Fusion and HPA 30.

Common features across all Purite Lab systems:

  • Space-saving, dependable, bench top or wall mounted systems.
  • Reverse osmosis Removes > 98% minerals and > 99% bacteria.
  • Choice of production rates up to 48 l/hr.
  • Optional external storage tanks up to 100 litres.
  • Reverse osmosis boost pump fitted as standard.
  • Installation kit and all consumables included for first year’s operation.
  • LCD colour touch screen panel.
  • Visual and audible alarms included.
  • Utilises carbon pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and deionisation.
  • USB port to download event data and upload software updates.
  • Integral 20 litre storage as standard.
  • Semi-automatic clean cycle.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • IQ/OQ documentation available.

Purite HPA 30 brochure

Purite Storage Tanks
• 50 Litre Storage Tank
• 100 Litre Storage Tank

The Purite storage tanks stores the purified water externally to the unit. Level switches ensure the tank does not overflow and refills when low.

The range includes four models that offer either 50 or 100 litre working volume, tank with UV, and tank with high flow outlet.


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