Wellington Water Emergency Water Treatment Plants


Wellington Water


$2.8 Million

Project type:
Water Treatment

Plant Capacity:
500 m3/day

Customer Need

Wellington Water is ensuring the region is very well prepared to meet the critical water supply needs of all Wellingtonians in the event of a major earthquake or other civil emergency that damages water supplies.

Wellington’s drinking water supply network is vulnerable. The Wellington region has three water supply plants serving an approx. 1400km² area and the water network has long supply lines that cross known earthquake faults. A single fault line in a narrow corridor in the Tararua ranges could have a severe impact on Wellington’s water supply.

The community water stations (water treatment containers) will provide 20L per person per day of potable water within 1000m of their residence 8 days after an emergency event.

What We Did

FILTEC was engaged to design, build and supply 13 surface water and 9 bore water treatment containers (WTP) that can be operated by the communities and Civil Defence to supply drinking water for residents that meets the Drinking-Water Standards for New Zealand (DWSNZ).

All WTPs treats water through a disc filter, bag filter and cartridge filter; followed by UV disinfection and chlorination to ensure the water safe to consume. To treat surface water, an extra step of carbon filters are added to remove potential taste and odour issues.

The Results

The WTPs now form an above ground emergency water network for Wellington ensuring the city is resilient went facing an emergency event. They can be used to source, treat, and distribute water to communities in need. As the water treatment systems are built as containers, they are mobile to be relocated to areas where there is a demand for water.