Tonga Water Authority – AVG 15 Filtration Plant


Tonga Water Board



Project type:
Water Treatment

Plant Capacity:
17m3/h for each AVG 15

Customer Need

Filtec was contracted to design, supply, install and commission the AVG Filtration Plants. The filters were to be installed to operate without electric power and without chemical dosing to enhance filtration.

The AVG Filtration Plants have been designed for reducing raw water turbidity. The concept of installation: Filtration as a third step – chlorination being the first with the clarifier as the second step.

What We Did

The AVG 15 filters were installed and operated without electric power and without chemical dosing to enhance filtration. The twin units are placed after the existing clarifier.

Replacement of the chlorine dose pump and tank, a FAC residual analyser and controller were also part of the Scope of Works. There is a new chlorine injection quill to improve mixing and a coil of poly pie to provide some contact time before the residual is assessed.

The Results

FILTEC project managers and engineers successfully managed the installation and delivery of both filtration plants.

An official opening ceremony was held with the Tonga Water Board and local residents.