Stormwater Treatment for Shipping Port


Eastland Port, Gisborne



Project type:

Plant Capacity:

Customer Need

As part of their site expansion, a big commercial shipping port in New Zealand wanted to treat their stormwater run-off from the port operations to meet local environmental discharge requirements. The run-off water is in big volume and consisted of dust and dirt, discharging directly would contaminate the system due to the volume and content.

What We Did

FILTEC designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned all associated equipment under a design and build sub contract arrangement with Fulton Hogan, who were engaged to undertake the civil works on the site expansion. 

The process involves build pre-treatment conditioning, lamella clarifiers and associated chemical dosing and control for treatment of stormwater to remove suspended particulate and sediment from run-off water collected on the site. Producer statements for design review and construction supervision were required to be provided, as part of our client’s quality assurance standards.

The Results

The water treatment plant treated the stormwater to meet local discharge consent at the volume the customer required.