Shotover Wastewater Treatment Plant


Downer Ltd.


Circa $1 Million

Project type:
Wastewater Treatment

Plant Capacity:
1700m³/day & 3000m³/day

Customer Need

The MLE process is designed to use nitrate produced by the aeration zone (diffusers) as an oxygen source for the breakdown of bacteria in the raw wastewater within the anoxic basin. The plant require Design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of Aeration system for Wastewater treatment. Risks were identified early on in the project through a thorough design review involving all stakeholders. All issues were recorded on a risk registers and mitigating actions put in place.

What We Did

FILTEC were awarded this project as a contractor the for the aeration systems unit within the MLE tank. The civil and structural components were undertaken by Downer.

The Results

The project has successfully been delivered to program and meets technical parameters.