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Ragazzini Rotho® Peristaltic Pump Range

The Rotho peristaltic pump is a volumetric pump and able to resolve a number of production problems in a variety of industrial sectors.

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The Rotho range has models suitable for a wide range applications with the follow features

  • No alterations to organoleptic qualities
  • No clogging or contamination
  • Rapid maintenance
  • Ease of use

PSF series – Ideal for precise dosing of chemical fluids and fragile, compound, abrasive, corrosive and polluting liquids, even at high pressure. This range can also be integrated in skids or existing process plant and are ideal for automatic control by inverters or electronic systems.

MS series – For processes requiring medium flow rates and the transport of products with suspended solid parts or fragile and sensitive products; ideal for 24h applications and conditions of prolonged stress.

SDF series – For processes requiring medium/high flow rates of activated sludge and dense products to be conveyed over long distances and/or pumped from considerable depths, together with very delicate products needing a wide bore.

SDR series – The Rotho SDR series includes a range of 4 pumps reaching up to 180m³/h for evacuating and pumping mining slurry, sludge from water treatment, activated sludge and for all applications requiring the transfer of large masses of liquids.


The advantages of the Rotho for your production process. In the Rotho pump, the mechanism employed to compress the tube by means of rollers on bearings has a number of advantages.

It can operate dry – No refrigerant liquid is needed in the pump casing as no friction is generated by the roller on the surface of the tube, thus prolonging its working life. This is very different from the traditional system in which the surface of the tube is compressed by sliding blocks which must work in a lubricating bath.

Energy-savings –The lack of friction on the tube means that less powerful motors can be used to perform the same work, resulting in less energy consumption.

No product contamination – There is no risk of product contamination if the tube ruptures as there is no refrigerant liquid in the pump.

Immediate leak detection – Because there is no refrigerant liquid in the pump, the safety sensor can detect product leaks caused by tube wear immediately.

Easy tube replacement – Replacing the tube is faster, cleaner, safer and less wasteful as there is no liquid to be evacuated and replaced along with the tube.

Easy flow reversal – The flow can be reversed by reversing the direction of the motor.

Transfer of products containing solid parts – Products containing suspended solid parts measuring up to 45% of the bore of the tube can be transferred.

Transfer of fragile or contaminating products – Fragile, shear-sensitive, pollutant or contaminating products can be transferred.

It can draw up to 98% of full vacuum

No valves or seals

Possibility of CIP and SIP sanitation

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