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VIQUA Pro30 UV System

NSF Class 55 A UV disinfection system for commercial applications to treat up to 113lpm at 40 mJ/cm².

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The VIQUA Pro Series offers a compact piece of equipment for light commercial installations as well as regulated and non-regulated drinking water applications. The Pro Series is suitable for the treatment of private wells, surface water supplies, bores and municipal water. It is a popular UV disinfection solution for regulated small community point-of-entry water treatment systems. They are also widely used in executive homes, and light commercial applications including day cares, residential care homes, bed & breakfasts, restaurants, small resorts, lodges, and similar facilities.

VIQUA’s LightWise™ technology allows the system’s electronic controller to automatically reduce lamp power during periods of no water flow, reducing the rate of sleeve fouling by up to 60%, and providing estimated energy savings of 30% compared to standard PRO systems. By adjusting the lamp power, water temperature is maintained below 40˚C, and the rate of sleeve fouling is consequently reduced by as much as 60%. This can more than double the amount of time between cleanings in the sleeve cleaning maintenance cycle.


Perfect for a wide range of light commercial applications including, small businesses, hospitals, dentist offices, etc.
Included Accessories: Flow Meter, Flow Restrictor, UV Sensor, Cool Touch Fans

Vertical installation is mandatory!

Ease of Maintenance: Use the diagnostic system display to troubleshoot, should a problem arise. High-performance amalgam UV lamp, reduces maintenance requirements by lasting up to 2 years replacement

Reliable: New, market leading flowmeter / UV sensor combination provides real-time UV dose

Powerful/Space Saving: Revolutionary Amalgam lamp provides 4x the output of standard output lamps, giving you compact single-lamp systems that are half the size of their predecessors

Convenient: Features countdown timer with digital display and audible lamp change reminder for ease of maintenance. Cool-Touch fan technology helps reduce the temperature within the chamber to prevent overheating

VIQUA PRO30 Brochure

VIQUA Pro series range

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4-20mA Intensity Interface, SKU – 270268-R

Replacement Pro 30 UV controller 2008 onwards, SKU – 650709-009

Replacement Pro 30 UV controller pre 2008, SKU – 650629-030

Replacement UV Lamp Pro 30/50, SKU – 602856

Replacement Quartz Sleeve Pro 30/50, SKU – 602976

Replacement UVI sensor, SKU – 650580

Replacement Fan Kit, SKU – 650630


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