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The TrojanUVFlex was designed for ease of maintenance and validated across a range of flows and UVTs, making it suitable for water, wastewater and reuse applications.

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Whether you are targeting an emerging contaminant of concern or require disinfection to very high levels (currently validated up to 4 logs of virus, protozoa and bacteria), or both. There is Flex reactor for almost all large-scale applications.

Offering the latest advancements in system controls to optimise performance, operating costs and regulatory reporting, the TrojanUVFlex performs both UV disinfection and UV-oxidation.

The TrojanUVFlex provides municipalities with the most energy-efficient delivery of high UV doses in an extremely compact footprint.

Powerful, yet highly energy-efficient 1000-Watt Solo Lamps (15,000 hours guaranteed) lead to a low lamp count which, in turn, provides other benefits such as fewer associated components (e.g. lamp drivers and sleeves), reduced maintenance and high reliability.

Drinking Water

Offering the latest advancements in system controls to optimise performance, operating costs, and regulatory reporting, the TrojanUVFlex™ is also third-party validated using modern methods to accommodate disinfection needs for Cryptosporidium, Giardia, viruses, and other organisms.

The TrojanUVFlex offers a significantly reduced footprint and installation cost

  • Lamp array optimised for highest UV dose delivery in the smallest footprint
  • Lamps are perpendicular to flow reducing overall train length
  • Flexible UV chamber can be installed horizontally or vertically
  • Modular lamp sections enable expandability, redundancy and lowest power consumption
  • Low headloss design reduces or eliminates pumping
  • Overall footprint reduced by 40-50% vs. other high-efficiency UV-oxidation systems

FILTEC Municipal UV Catalogue

TrojanUVFlex Drinking Water Brochure

TrojanUV Solo Lamp, Replacement UV lamp for the UVFlex100, SKU – 908081-007

Replacement quartz sleeve kit for the TrojanUVFlex® and TrojanUVFlex®AOP 200 Series, SKU – 822518

Replacement Lamp Driver for the TrojanUVSigna, TrojanUVFlex, TrojanUVFlexAOP and TrojanUVTorrent, SKU – 916841


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