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The benchmark wastewater UV system is capable of being used in all areas of wastewater treatment including non-potable reuse.

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UV technology is a safer, more cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorination. With its highly effective abilities to destroy microorganisms and micropollutants, UV technology is becoming a preferred choice with municipalities and plant operators.

Trojan UV systems offer municipal wastewater treatment plants a safe, practical, and economical alternative to chlorination. Today, Trojan has more UV disinfection systems in operation around the world than anyone else, demonstrating the high regard in which Trojan’s proven products and service are held in the industry.

Designed as one of the most intelligent disinfection solutions on the market, the TrojanUV3000Plus™ features fully Automatic Chemical/Mechanical cleaning (ActiClean™) to ensure the lamp sleeves are continuously kept clean. Incorporating high-output, low-pressure lamps, the system automatically dims the lamps to match any drop in flow demand or increases in water clarity.

The TrojanUV3000Plus™ uses energy-efficient amalgam lamps. These high output lamps are automatically dimmed when flow demand drops or when the water quality changes.

It is well suited to wastewater disinfection applications with a wide range of flow rates, as well as challenging effluent (primary and combined sewer overflows) and high level disinfection such as tertiary wastewater reclamation and reuse.

  • Increased operator, community and environmental safety. No disinfection by-products are created, and no chemicals are transported, stored or handled.
  • Most efficient UV system available. Compared to competitive low-pressure, high- output (LPHO) or amalgam lamp-based systems.
  • Reduces operating costs by as much as 30% per year. Long-lasting amalgam lamps and variable-output ballasts optimize UV output to meet wastewater conditions and maximize system efficiency.
  • Validated disinfection. Real-world, field performance data eliminates sizing assumptions resulting from theoretical dose calculations.
  • Dual-action sleeve cleaning system improves performance and reduces labour costs. Automatic ActiClean chemical/mechanical cleaning system maintains sleeve transmittance of at least 95%, and works online – eliminating the need to remove modules from the channel.
  • Reduced installation costs. The compact TrojanUV3000Plus can be retrofitted into existing chlorine contact tanks, and comes pre-tested, pre-assembled and pre-wired to minimize installation costs.
  • Outdoor installation flexibility. Can be installed outdoors, eliminating the need and costs of a building, shelter and HVAC for ballast cooling.
  • Guaranteed performance and comprehensive warranty. Includes a Performance Guarantee and the best lamp warranty in the industry.

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