For some sites additional treatment is required to ensure selected difficult to remove contaminants are reduced below minimum accepted levels. Let FILTEC help in this specialised area with our advanced water treatment solutions.

Targeting Specific Issues in your Source Water

With the variety of water sources used to supply municipal water to cities around the country many unique issues can be present and affect the quality of water delivered to consumers. Even desirable treatment processes can cause unwanted issues which need to be mitigated. Our knowledgeable team has access to and experience with a wide range of products and processes that fall under the title of high purity.

Kinloch WWTP

Plant upgrades can be made to ensure discharge resource consents are meet and there is the ability to improve the efficiency of processes through additional treatment processes allowing water reuse. With a wider range of contaminants being identified, targeting and treating them is possible as FILTEC works with global suppliers to ensure the latest water treatment processes and media are used for best results.

Advanced Water Treatment Options

Whether it is one process or a combination of processes to improve the quality of the Municipal water supply, FILTEC can help. See the range of options below for an example of the types of additional treatment available.

Taste & Odour

A number of options are available to improve the taste and odour of your water depending on the cause of the issue. FILTEC can advise on monitoring, treatment solutions and plant upgrades to address taste and odour issues.

Nitrate Removal

Nitrate levels in water sources have increased over time with land use changes, let us help manage nitrate levels as awareness increases around wider health implications from high nitrate levels.

PFAS & PFOA Removal

Long lasting and potentially dangerous PFAS & PFOA can be removed from contaminated water and FILTEC has a proven treatment process for this application

Arsenic Removal

A common environmental contaminant found naturally in surface and groundwater, Arsenic must be removed to avoid its toxic and carcinogenic effect. FILTEC developed the first municipal treatment plant in Australia for Arsenic removal.

Project Case Studies

FILTEC has a long history of working with major water authorities, city and town councils. Check out our recent projects at Water Treatment Plants.

Braemar Springs Automatic Dosing – Whakatane
Filtec was contracted by Whakatane District Council to supply and install equipment for the purpose of automatic dosing of chlorine gas at Breamar Springs pump station.
Fonterra Lichfield Water Treatment Plant
This project involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a Demineralised water plant for boiler feed water, Chlorination system for superchlorinated water and associated pipework and pumping for demin water, chlorinated bore water and chlorinated process RO water.