Fonterra Darfield Water Treatment Plant


Fonterra, Darfield


$4 Million

Project type:
Water Treatment

Plant Capacity:
1190m³/day & 5000m³/day

Customer Need

This project was a design-build of the stage 1 & 2 water treatment systems necessary for Fonterra’s new Darfield plant to provide denitrified potable water. The whole treatment process required Ion exchange for boiler water supply, denitrification for process water and Chlorine gas disinfection for potable water.

What We Did

FILTEC was awarded the contract for this upgrade as the main-contractor in a competitive tender scenario. The process and mechanical aspects of the job were designed in house, while design for other disciplines were subcontracted.

The Results

FILTEC project managers successfully managed the mechanical installation team and civil, structural, electrical and automation subcontractors. The mechanical fabrication and installation was undertaken in house, by a FILTEC fabrication team.