Dairy Water Treatment Plant – Pokeno


Dairy Manufacturer in Waikato, New Zealand


$4.3 Million

Project type:
High Purity

Plant Capacity:
Treated Water = 1750m³/day 

Demineralised Water 250m³/day

Customer Need

A new dairy production plant in Waikato, New Zealand needed a water treatment plant as part of their production line. The dairy plant sourced water from a local bore water network. They required two types of water quality for different purposes. The first requirement is to remove iron and manganese from the bore water so it can be fed into a boiler to produce steam for milk powder production.

The second requirement is to blend the treated water and clear water for milk production and wash down of the plant. On top of the two water treatment requirements, the customer needed the design to allow for future expansion and increase in treatment capacity when required.

What We Did

Knowing the customer’s needs and requirements, FILTEC was contracted to design and construct the water treatment plant as head contractor. The design consisted of greensand filtration to remove iron and manganese from the bore water.

Then with an Ion exchange system from silica and ion removal to produce demineralised water. A blend of clear and demineralised water was used to produce treated water. The plant is designed to treat bore water to a 2.178 MLD treatment plant require for all operation, designed and built by Filtec 2018/2019.

The Results

In just over a year the project was taken from a concept to a fully functioning water treatment
plant successfully supporting the plant production. The plant has been able to continue running
receiving higher than expected turbid water above 25 NTU for which it was designed, with water quality exceeding the New Zealand drinking water standards.

FILTEC’s service team continues to support the customer to supply consumables and maintain equipment to ensure the clients plant continues to run smoothly and uninterrupted.