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ArrowMAX Home UV LED



The ArrowMAX HOME, whole house UV-LED drinking water disinfection system

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The ArrowMAX HOME LED UV water disinfection system treats water entering the house before flowing from all tap and showerheads without the use of any chemicals. Water passes through a pre-filter (sold separately) that removes particles and contaminants. Then, water is purified by Acuva’s UV-LED technology, inactivating up to 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses. The system requires little ongoing maintenance apart from the replacement of the prefilters.

It operates only when water is flowing, reducing power consumption by 90% compared to traditional systems. Using a unique replaceable LED design the system has a long life as lamps can be replaced as required with the first lamp change at approximately 3 years followed by every 10 years after that.

The ACUVA ArrowMAX HOME is Bluetooth and WiFi-enabled. A matrix of sensors in the ArrowMAX HOME system will monitor LED health, water flow, power consumption and filter lifetime.


  • Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity enables the system to seamlessly transfer data to the cloud
  • The system can store data even if there is no internet, and when reconnected it synchronizes to provide the most up-to-date data remotely
  • The mobile app allows the user to monitor the system’s health and communicate with technical help
  • Provides a flow rate of 32 litres per minute

AWP40BV – High Quality 10″ Jumbo Filter Housing

CMB510HF – High Flow 10″ Jumbo Sediment Filter with dual grade 15-5 micron rating

ArrowMAX Home Brochure NZ

ACUVA Range Brochure



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