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ArrowMAX 5 UV LED System


High flow under-sink UV-LED water treatment system with 5 litres per minute flow rate.

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The Arrow 5 is a high capacity under-the-sink UV LED disinfection system for water treatment from ACUVA. An Advanced High Flow Pre-filter is included, which removes 99% of chlorine, lead, chromium 6, mercury, nickel and 95% of fluoride plus reduces VOCs, asbestos and unpleasant odours. This combination of advanced Prefilter and LED UV disinfection delivers great-tasting, safe drinking water with very low maintenance requirements.

This eco-friendly system reduces reliance on bottled water and does not require replacement mercury-based fluorescent UV lamps reducing waste and reduced power consumption over its 10+ year lifetime vs a conventional system.

UV disinfection of water is a proven technology for providing safe drinking water. Acuva’s patented IntenseBeamTM Technology inactivates any microorganism present in the water with powerful UV-LEDs, making them unable to infect or multiply.

This all-in-one device is perfect for all use types including apartments, homes, larger boats, caravans and RV’s and holiday homes due to its high flow rate.

  • Compact and easy to install and ideal for retrofitting as it is compatible with all faucets and water using appliances
  • No ongoing system maintenance only regular pre filter replacement required
  • Provides a flow rate of 5.0 litres per minute
  • Fill time for 1 cup of water 4 seconds
  • Can dispense 900,00 litres of water in its lifetime. Expected life is 10+ years under normal usage.
  • Acuva Smart Faucet uses a glow ring at the base to provide feedback on system performance when the unit is activated.
  • High grade aluminium body casing with visual feedback on system performance
  • NSF/ANSI 55 Class ‘B’ and NSF/ANSI 372 certified by IAPMO R

ARROWMAX5AF Replacement Advanced Inline Filter Cartridge

ASV8 – Adapter for fitting to AU & NZ Household Taps with 3/8″ OD pipe connection for UV system

ArrowMAX 5 Brochure NZ

ArrowMAX 5 Data Sheet NZ



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