Irrigation Water

A special category of water supply where water is shared between irrigation (65%) and household use (35%) in some rural locations. The water entering each house must be treated to deal with the specific contaminants and any seasonal variations.

Understanding Irrigation Water Treatment

Some communities draw their household water from rural irrigation schemes that provide water for various farming activities. Treating water drawn from irrigation schemes at point of use has a set of unique challenges as the water quality often has large variations. And while suitable for agricultural use it can require a significant amount of treatment to ensure it meets New Zealand Drinking Water Standards when used for household water supply.

The variations in water quality can be a result of specific weather events, seasonal events or water source reliability. Getting a reliable record of water quality over time is the best way to confirm treatment requirements. A reliable sampling program is great first step in confirming water quality over time and FILTEC our partner can help establish a program. From this data a water treatment process can be accurately designed and installed to deal with the variety of conditions encountered and can include sufficient storage options to avoid treating water if quality declines below a set point.

Treatment plant designs can include IoT monitoring to allow notifications to smart devices of plant performance and water quality. With a simple online dashboard you can view key indicators and monitor changes over time to ensure performance.

Filtec has the experience and proven track record to provide water for your local community and the combined Service teams of Filtec and our Partner network to provide ongoing service and maintenance to ensure your water is safe.

Irrigation Water Treatment Treatment Solutions

Site specific water treatment options will be selected to match water analysis and a process to remove or reduce specific contaminants will be developed. The plant will be sized to meet the community water usage.

A key first step in any treatment process for irrigation scheme water FILTEC can provide a solution for sediment removal sized to meet sediment load and water usage. 

As rules and compliance requirements around water treatment for small communities evolve let FILTEC help you provide safe water for your local community. We can audit current systems and suggest an upgrade pathway.

Ensuring a water treatment plant continues to provide clean, safe water does require a certain level of monitoring, maintenance and regular servicing. This can be inhouse, full service or a mix of both. 

Find your local FILTEC partner

FILTEC has a Partner Network working across the country in community. Experts in installation with years of experience helping locals with their water needs. Our Partners can recommend install and service FILTEC solutions, as well as supply a wide range of spares and accessories.