Chlorine Dioxide

FILTEC provides chlorine dioxide water treatment solutions in New Zealand, purifying water with antimicrobial properties to eliminate pathogens and control odours.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment for Lasting Pathogen Defense

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

Chlorine dioxide water treatment deploys a powerful chemical compound with antimicrobial properties. Vital for maintaining drinking water purity and upholding hygiene standards in various environments, it plays a pivotal role in protecting public health.

Additionally, it is instrumental in maintaining quality standards for manufacturers of both industrial and consumable goods, ensuring a diverse range of applications.

Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment

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Our Chlorine Dioxide Solutions

Gas Treatment Systems

Gas Treatment Systems

FILTEC’s chlorine dioxide gas treatment solutions excel in disinfection, harnessing potent oxidizing agents to eliminate diverse contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. 

Tailored for municipal, commercial, and industrial use, our systems efficiently generate and deliver this powerful disinfectant, guaranteeing superior water quality through optimal treatment processes.

Gas Treatment Systems

FILTEC's Chlorine Dioxide Systems

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Compare Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Water Treatment

Chlorine dioxide offers notable benefits over traditional chlorine methods in water treatment. Unlike chlorine, it avoids generating harmful byproducts like trihalomethanes (THMs), which are known to have adverse health effects.

Its high efficacy at low concentrations ensures superior disinfection without the strong chlorine-associated odor and taste. Consult our experts to determine the optimal solution for your specific water treatment requirements.