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UV Water Treatment Plants for Pathogen Prevention

Wanaka, New Zealand

UV Water Treatment Plants for Pathogen Prevention

Wanaka, New Zealand

Queenstown Lakes District Council
Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
626-1,188 m3/hour
UV Disinfection
Water Source
Water Source
Lake Water
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
Pathogen Prevention

Customer Need

Pathogen Prevention in Drinking Water Supply

In September 2023, the Queenstown Lakes District Council faced a potential water quality issue stemming from cryptosporidium contamination. The council promptly issued a water boil notice for Queenstown. Recognising the urgency, the council took immediate proactive measures to upgrade key water treatment plants throughout the district, including Wanaka.

This comprehensive approach aimed to mitigate potential risks and protect public health. To meet these critical needs, the council partnered with FILTEC to secure reliable and long-term UV water treatment plant solutions.

What We Did

Supplied Comprehensive UV Water Treatment Plants

In collaboration with the Queenstown Lakes District Council, FILTEC efficiently delivered two UV water treatment plants to Wanaka for effective pathogen prevention. For the plant in west Wanaka, FILTEC managed the entire process from design to installation and commissioning, ensuring seamless implementation and operation. For the second plant, FILTEC supplied the UV equipment, with Fulton Hogan handling the installation and commissioning at the site.

In addition to the initial installation, FILTEC provides ongoing support and maintenance to both plants, guaranteeing longevity and optimal performance for years to come.

Installed Robust Water Disinfection Systems

Equipped with Trojan UV Swift D06 Systems, these UV water treatment plants ensure thorough disinfection of high volumes of water.

The D06 systems compact design enabled flexible installation within the- shipping containers, accommodating minimal spaces while maintaining maximum flow capacity. These chemical-free plants not only secure Wanaka’s water supply but also minimise environmental impact.

Delivered Sustainable Cost-Effective Solutions

The UV water treatment plant’s efficiency is enhanced by advanced UV light technology and a sleeve wiping system, minimising cleaning frequency during operation and reducing maintenance costs.

These low-maintenance features guarantee prolonged system reliability, and provide the customer with a sustainable, hassle-free, and economically efficient water treatment solution.

The Result

Established Long-Term and Dependable Disinfection Solutions

Resulting in the lifting of the boil water notice, FILTEC’s swift deployment of UV water treatment solutions, in collaboration with Queenstown Lakes District Council, ensured immediate compliance and community safety.

The UV water treatment plants provide long-term solutions, offering ongoing benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, efficient operation, ongoing service support, and a comprehensive warranty. This reinforces the council’s and FILTEC’s dedication to preserving the community’s drinking water supply for years to come. 


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