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Ultrafiltration System Urgently Delivered to an Australian Winery

Victoria, Australia

Ultrafiltration System Urgently Delivered to an Australian Winery

Victoria, Australia

Mitchelton Wines
Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
100 – 300m3/day
Water Source
Water Source
River Water
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
Flood Damage and Increased Organic Matter

Customer Need

Ultrafiltration Systems for Process and Drinking Water Purification

Mitchelton Wines in Victoria, Australia, urgently needed to replace flood-damaged ultrafiltration systems crucial for purifying water used in wine processing and guest facilities. Situated along the Goulburn River, the winery contends with agricultural and urban runoff, impacting water quality.

Heavy rainfall and flooding exacerbate erosion, while rising temperatures promote algal growth. To combat these challenges, Mitchelton Wines sought a reliable solution capable of addressing multiple water quality issues. They urgently required one ultrafiltration system to ensure safe drinking water for events and another to bolster clean water production for site requirements.

What We Did

Delivered an Ultrafiltration System in One Week

As Mitchelton Wines were without any reliable water supply due to the devastation of the floods, FILTEC expedited the delivery of the first replacement ultrafiltration system.

The supplied solution was a FILTEC UltraFLEX modular ultrafiltration system, combining several water treatment processes. FILTEC easily assembled the required modules thanks to the flexible design of the system. The UltraFLEX unit was transported to Mitchelton Wines and installed on-site in the same week.

Minimised Costs by Reducing Chemical and Energy Usage

FILTEC’s initial UltraFLEX system produces 100 cubic meters of potable water daily. The system guaranteed the winery’s accommodation and restaurant a steady and safe water supply, allowing scheduled events to proceed despite the recent floods.

The first UltraFLEX is a self-contained skid housing three water treatment processes: ultrafiltration, carbon filtration, and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection. The ultrafiltration and carbon filtration processes work together to remove contaminants from the water, while the UV disinfection process kills any microorganisms present. Moreover, the advanced filtration and UV disinfection processes reduce operational costs and minimise chemical usage.

Increased Water Treatment Volume and Purity of the Water

To ensure ample treated drinking and ultrapure water for wine processing, a second ultrafiltration system was essential for the winery. FILTEC provided the second system, complementing the first one and enhancing water purity through carbon and membrane filtration, and UV disinfection. This second system produces 300 cubic meters of purified water daily.

Tailored for winery customers, FILTEC’s UltraFLEX systems offer fully automated operations, reducing the operational input needed by Mitchelton Wines. These systems are remotely monitored and serviced by FILTEC for routine maintenance, ensuring seamless operations.

The Result

Events Proceeded and Further Loss was Avoided for the Winery

The new drinking water systems provide ultrapure water for wine processing and safe drinking water to the cellar door, restaurant, and accommodation.

FILTEC’s prompt action on the first UltraFLEX ultrafiltration system ensured Mitchelton Wines could continue operations for upcoming winery events, preventing further business loss.

Planned events proceeded smoothly with ample drinking water. FILTEC’s second ultrafiltration system substantially boosted the winery’s water supply, enabling Mitchelton Wines to resume wine production with consistent ultrapure water.


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