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Mobile Solar Powered PFAS Removal Plants

Victoria, Australia

Mobile Solar Powered PFAS Removal Plants

Victoria, Australia

Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
115 kL/day
PFAS Removal
Water Source
Water Source
Ground and Surface Water
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
PFAS Contamination

Customer Need

PFAS Contamination in Community Drinking Water Supply

In various communities, the pressing issue of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) contamination in drinking water has emerged as a significant concern. To address this challenge, efficient PFAS removal techniques are imperative.

These persistent and potentially carcinogenic substances, originating from industrial activities, firefighting foams, and household products, infiltrate water sources, posing substantial health risks to residents. Swift and effective action is essential to protect the well-being of communities and mitigate the adverse effects of PFAS exposure.

What We Did

Designed and Built Solar Powered PFAS Removal Plants

FILTEC designed and built two solutions to combat PFAS contamination effectively. Firstly, a fully mobile solar-powered plant was developed. Compact and requiring no civil or electrical works, this plant is adaptable for remote locations. Additionally, FILTEC designed and built a containerised PFAS removal plant.

Reduced PFAS to Below Detectable Limits

Both plants incorporate advanced filtration technologies such as Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and Ion Exchange (IX) to efficiently remove PFAS contaminants from water sources. Through innovative monitoring and control systems, they ensure optimal performance, achieving close to 100% PFAS removal.

This process ensures that the treated water meets strict environmental standards, with PFAS levels below detectable limits, making it safe for reintroduction into the environment.

Delivered Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions

The solar powered plants designed to work in locations that are remote or have limited power supply. Utilising renewable solar energy, FILTEC’s PFAS removal solutions not only meet environmental standards but also offer cost-effectiveness and operational flexibility.

The design modularity allows for swift deployment and redeployment, minimising downtime and maximising accessibility to communities in need. This adaptability ensures consistent access to safe drinking water, addressing immediate concerns while supporting sustainable water management practices.

The Result

Provided Safe Drinking Water and Environmental Preservation

FILTEC’s PFAS removal solutions significantly improve the quality of drinking water of the affected communities. By efficiently removing PFAS contaminants to below detectable limits, the treated water can be safely discharged back into the environment. Moreover, the use of renewable solar energy and advanced technology not only meets environmental standards but also promotes sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The adaptable design of the plants enables swift deployment, minimising disruptions and maximising access to clean water. Overall, FILTEC’s PFAS removal solutions have delivered positive outcomes, providing consistent access to clean and safe drinking water while supporting sustainable water management practices.


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