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Emergency Water Supply for Earthquake Prone Regions

Wellington, New Zealand

Emergency Water Supply for Earthquake Prone Regions

Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Water
Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
20L per person/day
Filtration, UV Disinfection, Chlorination
Water Source
Water Source
River Water
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
Seismic Risks

Customer Need

Strengthening Emergency Water Supply During Seismic Risks

To strengthen the region’s emergency water supply, Wellington Water prioritised ensuring the safety of drinking water against seismic risks. The extensive water network, spanning 1400km² across three plants, highlighted the necessity for a resilient contingency plan. Of particular concern were lengthy supply lines crossing known earthquake faults, posing threats to water supply.

Wellington Water contracted FILTEC to construct 22 emergency water supply treatment containers. Each container is capable of supplying 20L per person daily within 1000m of homes, following an emergency event.

What We Did

Supplied 22 Containerised Water Treatment Plants

FILTEC were contracted by Wellington Water to design, build, and supply 22 containerised emergency water supply plants, comprising of 13 surface water and 9 bore water treatment facilities.

Each plant boasts a comprehensive water treatment process incorporating a suite of technologies, such as disc filters, bag filters, 3 log protozoa cartridge filters, 3 log protozoa UV disinfection, and chlorination.

Installed Comprehensive Water Treatment Processes

Additionally, an extra layer of carbon filters was integrated to address potential taste and odour concerns in surface water. The emergency water supply infrastructure not only meets but surpasses industry standards. Its design prioritises rapid deployment and user-friendly operation, a critical factor in emergency scenarios.

Built Versatile Plants With Easy Operation

FILTEC efficiently addressed Wellington Water’s requirements by creating versatile emergency water supply containers that are maintained, managed, and operated by Wellington Water.

During an emergency, Civil Defence can manage an above-ground network of over 300 bladders and tap stands, drawing water from emergency supply containers to provide safe drinking water to communities.

The Result

Enhanced the Resilience of the Water Supply Network

The implementation of emergency water treatment plants has greatly enhanced Wellington’s resilience in water supply emergencies. Forming an above-ground emergency water network, these systems provide a rapid response to source, treat, and supply water to affected communities.

Their portability allows for relocation to areas facing water shortages, bolstering Wellington’s adaptability during crises. This collaborative initiative underscores Wellington Water’s proactive investment in community well-being and FILTEC’s crucial role in providing tailored, resilient emergency water solutions for the region’s distinct challenges.


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