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Water for Wine Processing & Winery Sustainability

Delivering water for wine processing and drinking while supporting winery sustainability through water reuse. Helping winemakers to focus on making great wine!

Specialists in supplying drinking water for wine industry operations

Great wine begins with great water.

At FILTEC we understand water is critical in the production of wine. From the irrigation of grape vines, through to clean water for wine processing and water reuse.

FILTEC will enhance and the water quality for your entire winery site – including the cellar door, storefront, accommodation and restaurant.

Through our strong portfolio of working with vineyards throughout Australia, we are confident in our abilities to service New Zealand wineries. We understand how importantly our drinking water and reuse systems contribute to a winery’s performance and operational needs.  

Using water as efficiently as possible is a priority for the wine industry. In addition to drinking water supply and treatment for the multiple operations of your winery, we have the capability and technology to support your winery sustainability goals.

Water for wine industry operations and winery sustainability | Winery water treatment | water reuse
FILTEC delivering a complete drinking water system to Mitchelton Wines, Victoira Australia.

Supporting your entire Winery site through our Water Treatment Services

We understand the demand on wineries for efficient production of wine without sacrificing on traditional flavours and taste, quality and long-term stability. Our end-to-end water treatment services allow winemakers to focus on producing great wine and leaving the water technicalities to us. 

Water for wine

Reliable & Affordable Equipment

We are backed by multiple, leading global suppliers who have trusted FILTEC to apply their equipment for decades.

Winery sustainability

Simple & Efficient Installation

With onsite and offsite fabrication capabilities we can install your drinking water treatment system at your winery and take care of performance testing.

Winery water treatment

Operator Input

Designed with our customers in mind, our solutions meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines with the convenience of a plug and play system.

Water reuse

Low Maintenance & Operating Expenses

Our ongoing support we will help you manage, optimise and increase the longevity of your winery’s water treatment system, and help it perform more efficiently. 

Drinking Water for Wine Industry Operations

Our leading solution for delivering pure, ultra-filtrated water required for the wine operations is the FILTEC UltraFLEX. This flexible drinking water system combines several water treatment processes, with the ability to substitute modules in or out. FILTEC will customise the system to suit the water treatment requirements for your winery. This includes the current water source, water quality and site demand requirements.  

We take into account all contributing factors when designing your water treatment system to deliver a tailored solution to cater to all wine industry operations. Our drinking water systems are designed with the end user in mind with hassle-free, plug and play operation settings. 

Winery Sustainability Support

Making sure every drop counts and protecting water quality is vital. We understand the commitment winemakers have to efficient water use. All aspects of wine industry operations are interlinked –  what happens to one will affect others. 

Having a water reuse system is an ideal solution to increase the longevity of your winery’s water supply. FILTEC can support you through an integrated approach of our water treatment services.  

Our economic ultrafiltration systems for potable water produce a low carbon footprint and are compatible for water recycling. We supply water reuse systems from a global leading equipment supplier capable of recycling both drinking water and wastewater. 

Winery water treatment drinking water system | Water for Wine Industry
A completed drinking water system at Mitchelton Wines, Victoira Australia - designed, built and installed by FILTEC

How we’ve helped other Wine Industry Customers

We have learnt through the past several years working with vineyards throughout Australia how importantly our drinking water and reuse systems contribute to a winery’s performance and operational needs.  

Ultrafiltration system delivered in less than one week

After their water treatment plant was destroyed in floods, Mitchelton Wines reached out to FILTEC for assistance. FILTEC delivered, installed and commissioned a complete treatment system in less than one week.

The two-module UltraFLEX is capable of producing 100kL of drinking water per day and includes media pre-treatment, flocculation, granular activated carbon, and UV disinfection on a single self-contained skid. The plant is located under Mitchelton’s iconic Robin Boyd tower. 

The winery sourced its water from the local river and had an existing water treatment system. This system performed poorly during the summer months when organic concentration in the water increased. 

FILTEC worked closely with the winery to develop a robust filtration system. The design consisted of two ultrafiltration system trains with polypropylene modules, helping reduce the cost for the customer. The new system produces water quality that meets Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. 

Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation

Our team are happy to visit your winery site to understand your winery performance and operational needs, and how we can support you with our water treatment services. 


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