Water Disinfection

FILTEC provides essential water disinfection systems across Australia to effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms from water sources. Our systems guarantee the purity and safety of your water supply.

Guard Against Waterborne Diseases with Water Disinfection Solutions

Water Disinfection

Water disinfection is vital for eradicating harmful microorganisms in water sources. It guarantees safe water consumption and prevents waterborne diseases. Contaminated water harbours bacteria, viruses, and parasites that pose severe health risks and lead to epidemics.

Disinfection, in municipal treatment plants or industrial facilities, is essential for public health, reducing illnesses, and protecting communities.

Water Disinfection

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Our Disinfection Systems

UV Systems

UV Solutions UV Systems

Harnessing the power of ultraviolet light, our UV systems provide effective disinfection without the use of chemicals.

By targeting harmful microorganisms, these systems deliver reliable and environmentally friendly purification, ensuring clean and healthy water for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

UV Solutions UV Systems
Chlorination Solutions Chlorination Systems

Chlorination Systems

Chlorination Solutions Chlorination Systems

Our chlorination systems offer a proven and time-tested method for disinfection. By introducing carefully measured amounts of chlorine, these systems neutralise harmful bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for municipal and industrial water treatment.

Ozone Systems

Ozone Solutions Ozone Systems

Utilising the natural disinfecting properties of ozone, our ozone systems offer a robust and chemical-free approach to water purification.

Ozone acts as a powerful oxidant, eliminating a wide range of contaminants while leaving no harmful byproducts.

Ozone Solutions Ozone Systems
Chlorine Dioxide Solutions

Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Chlorine Dioxide Solutions

Our chlorine dioxide systems are highly proficient in water disinfection, offering exceptional germicidal efficacy.

Chlorine dioxide effectively eliminates bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, guaranteeing optimal safety for drinking water and industrial applications.

Water Disinfection Applications

Municipal Water Disinfection Systems

FILTEC excels in municipal water disinfection systems designed for the needs of New Zealand councils and water authorities. Our solutions cover both drinking water and wastewater services, spanning from small rural communities to urban water supply. Partnering with leading global suppliers, we deliver reliable disinfection systems that prioritise safety and meet the New Zealand Drinking Water Standards.

Industrial Water Disinfection Systems

We provide leading New Zealand food and beverage producers and dairy manufacturers with industrial water disinfection systems. Our high performing systems treat water used in processing applications and the wastewater discharge from production facilities. We source our disinfection systems from renowned global suppliers, guaranteeing reliability and optimal performance.

Commercial Water Disinfection Systems

FILTEC specialises in commercial water disinfection systems for various sectors. From apartment blocks and hotels to edible goods production facilities, and rural dairy sheds. Our systems ensure safe and clean water, protecting residents, guests, and consumers while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and quality.

Water Disinfection Projects

Chlorine Gas Disinfection System

Chlorine Gas Dosing System Retrofit for Dairy Factory

The chlorine gas dosing system retrofit by FILTEC has been a transformative addition to the dairy factory’s water treatment infrastructure. It has strengthened disinfection practices, achieved regulatory compliance and improved operational efficiency.

UV Disinfection System

UV System Upgrade to Three Water Treatment Plants

FILTEC was awarded the contract to upgrade three existing water treatment plants in the Matamata-Piako District, located at Scott Road (Morrinsville), Burwood Road (Matamata) and Tawari Street (Matamata).

Municipal Disinfection System

Elimination of contamination in household water supply

The Manawatu District Council required upgrades to the Ōhakea water scheme to eliminate contamination in the water supply. FILTEC designed and constructed a 1,500 m3/d water treatment plant that supplies drinking water to the community and the RNZAF Base.