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Sustainable Solutions for Small Community Drinking Water

Hastings, New Zealand

Sustainable Solutions for Small Community Drinking Water

Hastings, New Zealand

Hastings District Council
Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
UV Disinfection, Chlorination
Water Source
Water Source
River Water, Reservoir Water
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
Bacterial contamination

Customer Need

Waterborne Disease Prevention for Small Communities

In 2016, Havelock North faced a significant waterborne disease outbreak. The campylobacter contamination prompted the Hastings District Council to address water treatment system deficiencies for the provision of small community drinking water.

The objective was to upgrade systems at six bore water sites with varying water qualities, ensuring reliable solutions for the small communities not connected to the main water network. This initiative aimed to prevent waterborne diseases from recurring, providing consistently safe and high-quality drinking water for affected communities.

What We Did

Designed and Built Six Containerised Water Treatment Plants

Responding to the Hastings District Council’s requirements, FILTEC undertook the design, construction, and commissioning of six containerised water treatment plants to ensure the provision of small community drinking water.

Following the completion of the water treatment plants, FILTEC continues to provide comprehensive support, including chlorine servicing, calibrations, and preventative maintenance, ensuring equipment longevity and optimal performance of the plants.

Installed UV Disinfection and Chlorination Equipment

Tailored to handle bore water with varying qualities and treatment volumes, the water treatment plants ranged in capacity from 9 to 180 cubic metres per hour. Employing ultraviolet disinfection and chlorination in each plant, the goal was to ensure the safety of water from the treatment plant to the tap.

These containerised water treatment plants, housed in modified 40 feet shipping containers, incorporated a dedicated motor control centre room for enhanced operational efficiency.

Reduced Costs by Constructing the Plants In-House

FILTEC’s approach involved constructing the containerised water treatment plants in its Auckland workshop, facilitating increased build efficiency and reduced overheads, thereby minimising overall costs. Importantly, the modular nature of these containerised plants offered the flexibility for potential relocation, meeting the dynamic needs of the small communities served.

The Result

Established Safe Drinking Water Solutions for Six Small Communities

The Haumoana site, the initial of the six water treatment containers, was successfully commissioned in October 2020. A ceremonial blessing marked the site’s opening, signifying a momentous achievement for the community. The communities of Whirinaki, Eskdale, Haumoana, Clive, Waipatiki, Whakatu, and Waimaramara all benefitted from access to safe and high-quality small community drinking water.

The implementation of the water treatment plants not only addressed the immediate water quality challenge but also provided sustainable solutions for ongoing water safety in the district.


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