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Wastewater Treatment Plant Membrane Bioreactor Upgrade

Kinloch, New Zealand

Wastewater Treatment Plant Membrane Bioreactor Upgrade

Kinloch, New Zealand

Taupo District Council
Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
1.9 MLD
Membrane Filtration
Water Source
Water Source
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
Increased Wastewater Treatment Demand

Customer Need

Addressing Township Growth and Wastewater Treatment Demand

The Taupo District Council required upgrades to accommodate the rapid growth of the Kinloch township, prompting the need for a more advanced wastewater treatment solution.

Transitioning from a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) to a membrane bioreactor was proposed to improve plant performance and filtration efficiency, ensuring more effective removal of contaminants from wastewater.

This upgrade aimed to address the escalating demands of the community while adhering to regulatory standards and optimising operational efficiency.

What We Did

Converted Existing Reactors to Membrane Bioreactors

FILTEC, in partnership with Suez, led a comprehensive upgrade, converting existing SBR tanks into robust biological reactors. Our responsibilities included designing, installing, and supporting the commissioning of membrane filtration equipment.

This included integrating submerged hollow fibre membranes, a key feature of the membrane bioreactor system, to enhance filtration efficiency. FILTEC also provided standalone skids for permeate/backpulse pumps, simplifying on-site installation, alongside a complete clean-in-place system for seamless operation.

Improved Filtration Performance and Reduced Maintenance

The membranes supplied by FILTEC feature reinforced PVDF hollow fibres, ensuring exceptional strength and solids tolerance, essential for the optimal functioning of the membrane bioreactor.

This design not only enhances filtration but also improves durability and energy efficiency. By minimising fibre breakage and promoting high solids tolerance, the membranes offer extended performance with minimal maintenance needs.

Delivered a Sustainable and Resilient Wastewater Solution

FILTEC’s comprehensive support, from design to commissioning, ensured the delivery of a sustainable, high-performance wastewater treatment solution utilising membrane bioreactor technology.

With improved filtration efficacy and operational resilience, the upgraded wastewater treatment plant is poised to meet the evolving needs of the Taupo District Council and the Kinloch community.

The Result

Enhanced Wastewater Treatment Efficiency and Capacity

The upgrade to a membrane bioreactor enhanced wastewater treatment efficiency, meeting the escalating demands of the Kinloch community, including both residential and tourism growth, while adhering to regulatory standards.

FILTEC’s comprehensive solution ensured seamless integration and optimal performance. With improved filtration efficacy and operational resilience, the upgraded plant promises sustained reliability and reduced environmental impact.


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