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Containerised Ultrafiltration Plant for Victorian Army Base

Victoria, Australia

Containerised Ultrafiltration Plant for Victorian Army Base

Victoria, Australia

Puckapunyl Army Base
Plant Capacity
Plant Capacity
1.5 MLD
Ultrafiltration, UV Disinfection, Chlorination
Water Source
Water Source
River Water
Water Quality Issue
Quality Issue
High Turbidity, Algae Risk

Customer Need

Turbidity Spikes and Algae Risk in Drinking Water Supply

The Puckapunyal Army Base in Victoria, Australia, draws its water supply from the nearby river. This water source presents recurring challenges, including seasonal turbidity spikes and the risk of algae blooms, particularly during the summer months.

In response to these concerns, the army base recognised the critical importance of securing a dependable, safe, and consistently high-quality drinking water supply. The army base sought to upgrade its water treatment plant by transitioning from traditional methods to the advanced filtration capabilities offered by a membrane ultrafiltration plant.

Containerised Ultrafiltration Plant for Victorian Army Base

What We Did

Designed and Built a New Ultrafiltration Plant

FILTEC undertook the design and construction of a containerised ultrafiltration plant for the Puckapunyal Army Base. This project involved careful planning and execution to ensure the successful integration of new technology into the existing infrastructure.

The plant was assembled at FILTEC’s Mount Waverly facility and fitted with ultrafiltration technology. Overcoming the spatial constraints posed by a 40-foot container was a significant challenge, ensuring adequate access for operations and maintenance.

FILTEC continues to provide service and maintenance to the ultrafiltration plant, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the plant, maximising its performance and longevity.

Installed Advanced Ultrafiltration Technology

The ultrafiltration plant incorporates Evoqua (DuPont) “economy” range technology renowned for its efficiency in removing contaminants, thereby ensuring compliance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

This advanced system is complemented by a customised control system, empowering operators with a comprehensive oversight and operational flexibility. The ultrafiltration plant effectively mitigates the water quality challenges encountered by the army base, while also ensuring long-term sustainability and resilience.

Integrated Water Disinfection Equipment

In addition to the ultrafiltration system, FILTEC integrated UV disinfection and chlorination equipment at the army base as part of the water treatment process. The UV disinfection effectively neutralises harmful pathogens, while chlorination ensures residual disinfection, preventing microbial contamination.

These supplementary measures significantly enhanced the overall effectiveness of the ultrafiltration plant, bolstering confidence in the quality and safety of the treated water supply.

The Result

Delivered Automated Operations and Enhanced Water Quality

FILTEC’s specialist expertise in ultrafiltration is evident in the completed ultrafiltration plant, which has a production capacity of 1.5ML/day.

Through rigorous membrane integrity testing and the plant’s ability to repair individual fibres, it consistently maintains water turbidity below 0.1 NTU. This ensures a high-quality water supply for the army community.

This achievement reflects FILTEC’s commitment to resilient solutions and effective collaboration with the army base, ensuring a sustainable water treatment system for the future.


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