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Water Softener - Industrial

Water softeners can be utilised in a large variety of commercial and industrial applications to prevent the formation of hard water scale deposits, (calcium and magnesium), remove some undesirable dissolved minerals and remove low levels of iron and manganese.

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Avoid unnecessary plant down time, excessive maintenance costs and increased operating costs (fuel, labour, chemicals, etc.) By using an Filtec Water Softener these problems can be overcome. To do this the water is passed through a bed of ion exchange resin and as the water passes through, the calcium and magnesium ions are absorbed by the ion exchange resin and in return sodium ions are released. The result is softened water. Other minerals can be removed in a similar manner. This process continues until all the sodium ions are exchanged for calcium or magnesium, at which point the resin will then become exhausted. In order to obtain a further supply of softened water, the resin must be regenerated and this is achieved automatically by passing a solution of brine through the resin to remove the hardness minerals.

Filtec Industrial automatic water softeners are available in a versatile range of seven standard models, capable of outputs up to 30 m3/hr of softened water for almost any requirement.

      FILTEC Water Softener Brochure Industrial

      Multiple sizes available to match water quality and water quantity required

      Automated control head for simple operation and back flushing

      Twin systems available for continuous operation


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