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Evoqua Vantage M83 RO range

Vantage® M83 units are packaged single-pass 8-inch reverse osmosis units designed for a variety of industrial applications requiring high quality equipment.

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These pre-engineered, pre-assembled and factory tested units minimize installation and start-up time. With simple connections and easy to set up controls, allows for fast installation and commissioning.

The Vantage M83 unit comes in four models: Economy (E), Plus (P), Deluxe (D) and Select (S).

  • Economy (M83E) – Controlled by Microprocessor
  • Plus (M83P) – Controlled by PLC and user friendly touch screen Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Deluxe (M83D) – M83P controls plus Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for flow control and Clean In Place (CIP) function, pressure transmitters for RO normalization, and pH/ORP monitoring
  • Select (M83S) – A stainless steel “Deluxe“ package including stainless steel frame, piping and control panel

The Deluxe model features an “On-Board” integrated cleaning system (CIP) initiated through the HMI. The CIP system includes plumbing to the on-skid RO cartridge filter housing and VFD controlled pump along with the factory supplied valves, hoses, and a polyethylene CIP tank (off-skid).

The Deluxe model is equipped with pressure transmitters that are linked to the control system such that the data can be collected and normalized for optimization of RO performance. Normalized RO data including permeate flow, differential pressure, and conductivity are calculated and trending data is displayed on the HMI.

Vantage M83 Unit Benefits

  • Variety sizes and models to give the right balance of flow rate, functionality and value
  • Compact footprint saves valuable floor space
  • Clean in place connections maximize system serviceability
  • Comprehensive factory testing performed at our ISO9001 certified facility

Standard M83 Unit Features

  • Choice of brackish water or low energy TFC membranes (400 ft2) to ensure optimum water quality
  • High pressure 316 stainless steel vertical multistage feed pump
  • ASME Code FRP, RO pressure vessels with pressure relief protection
  • PVC low pressure feed, product and reject piping, 316L stainless-steel high-pressure piping
  • Industrial coated carbon steel frame (304 stainless steel for Select)
  • Dry contacts are provided for chemical feed, pre-treatment equipment, storage tank levels, and pressure switches
  • All alarm and shut down conditions are indicated on the control interface
  • Tank level may be controlled via a 4-20 mA signal input for storage tank level on Deluxe/Select models.

Vantage M83 RO


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