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BioDryer System Bioforcetech

The BioDryer system rapidly removes moisture from biodegradable material, including biosolids and organic waste, using controlled air and bacteria. Highly efficient, it dries 8 wet tons in 56 hours, using 50% less thermal energy and 30% less electricity than traditional methods. Its modular design ensures versatile and easy installation.


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BioDryer System

Utilising controlled air and bacteria, the BioDryer system dries biosolids in a three-phase process, drying 8 wet tons in just 56 hours. Compared to belt and drum drying, it uses only 50% thermal energy and 30% electricity, ensuring high efficiency.

The BioDryer is modular, allowing independent or system-wide operation to meet specific drying needs. This flexibility streamlines plant design and ensures swift installation.

What is BioDrying?

BioDrying rapidly heats biodegradable material in initial composting stages to reduce moisture, effectively decreasing weight. It’s the most efficient method for removing water from biosolids and organic waste.

Outstanding Performance

The BioDryer is expertly designed to maximize energy efficiency, saving both electrical and heat energy while effectively drying a significant volume of biosolids annually.

Built with Biology

Harnessing nature’s processes, the BioDryer dries biosolids using air and bacteria in a three-step method, similar to sludge digestion. Tailored for biosolids, it efficiently handles organic waste from diverse industries, utilising the energy generated by bacterial activity.


Engineered for modularity, the BioDryer treats 1,000 wet tons annually per unit. Easily scalable, additional units can be installed in parallel to increase biosolid treatment capacity by up to 12,000 wet tons yearly.

Automation and Process Control

The BioDryer seamlessly integrates advanced automation and IoT technology for precise control. Accessible via web browser, its automation HMI enables remote control from any device. Detailed data logging and reporting facilitate efficient analysis and predictive maintenance. It also offers easy integration with existing facilities through SCADA connections and modern Restful API.

BioDryer System Brochure

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