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Akdolit pH Neutralising Filter - AK180-UP

Raise the pH of your Rainwater from acidic to neutral to prevent corrosion.

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New Zealand rainwater supplies are naturally acidic, some as low as 4.5 pH. Most are around 6.0 – 6.8 pH. At these pH levels, the water is a natural solvent and will try to correct itself by absorbing minerals/metals from pipes, taps and tanks. A lot of the minerals/metals contained in the water are toxic to humans in larger doses (i.e. lead, zinc, copper and others).

The FILTEC range of Akdolit Neutralisers use a natural mineral, Dolomite (heat treated to produce Akdolit) to raise the pH level of the water into the desired range. The low pH water takes up these minerals until it reaches a stable state. This prevents the water from corroding pipe work, PLUS makes your drinking water safer to drink without high lead, zinc or copper levels.

The system connects to the main waterline to your home and treats all incoming water. Units can be fitted with blending valves to control pH levels.

The range consists of simple up flow models for residential use through to advanced fully automatic controllers for commercial applications

If hardness is above 80gm/m3 CaCo3, consult with FILTEC or one of our Partners prior to installation


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