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3M High Flow Cartridge Filtration Housings

The 3M High Flow filtration system is designed for low turbidity clean water, and has proven to be a very cost effective method of gaining an extra 2 log credits.

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These units, when fitted with a 1 micron absolute rated filter, have been approved to NZDWS2008, after testing at Massey University to prove 3 log removal of Protozoa.

The 3M High Flow filtration system is designed for low turbidity clean water, and has proven to be a very cost effective method of gaining an extra 2 logs credit.

40″ Housings are available in a variety of horizontal cartridge configurations for various high flow rates including 1 round, 3 round, 5 round and 7 round.

10″ Housing has all the benefits of the 40″ but is ideal for smaller flow rate applications and is vertically orientated for space saving.

Two cartridge options are available

3M High Flow HF Series filter cartridges are high flow capacity, high efficiency, inside to outside flow direction liquid filtration cartridges, designed for applications with large flow requirements. These are available in 1, 5, 15, 25 Absolute micron ratings

3M High Flow HFM series filter cartridges utilize a 3M polypropylene microfiber media specifically designed for use in process fluid applications containing organic and/or biological contaminants. The media design helps prevent premature blinding of the filter’s outer surface promoting fuller utilization of the media resulting in an optimum combination of particle removal efficiency and contaminant holding capability. These are available in 5 micron Nominal rating.


  • Reduced cartridge handling & disposal
  • Reduced filter change-out time
  • Less individual cartridge seal points, reducing chance of fluid bypass
  • High filter loading capacity
  • Reproducible filter effluent quality throughout life of filter
  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • No special tools or hardware required for filter change-out
  • “Twist-to-lock” cartridge seating mechanism provides positive sea
  • Ergonomic designed handle facilitates cartridge installation and removal

The large diameter, pleated depth media cartridge design permits flow rates of up to 80 m3/hr in a single 40” length cartridge.

This results in significantly fewer required filter cartridges for a given flow than standard 2.5” diameter filter cartridges.

3M Cartridge Filtration Brochure


1HF10V316, 1HF40H316, 3HF40H304, 5HF40H304, 7HF40H304


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