Nelson Water Treatment Filter Train


Fulton Hogan


$455, 754.88

Project type:

Plant Capacity:

Customer Need

Filtec was contracted to supply, deliver, install, test, commission and handover of all mechanical equipment required to put into service the 5th filter train at Nelson Water Treatment Plant including the provision of an additional air compressor and dryer. The works also required the removal of 3 No. redundant vacuum blowers and associated pipework and equipment.

What We Did

For Additional Filter Train No.5:

– The actuated Inlet Valve to the existing stub flange at the filter inlet including an additional brace to the outer spindle tube (details to be confirmed)

– No. Mixers to the Flocculation Tank including supports and fittings

– The actuated Reject Drain Valve to the existing Flocculation Tank floor opening

– Air Supply piping and valves from the existing flange on the high level supply main to the
centre connection on the train air header

– Supply and install the permeate header and air header pipework including all valves and connection fittings in accordance with GE drawing.

What We Did

– Supply and install membrane cassette hanger I beams (11 common beams+ 1 right end beam and 1 left end beam) in accordance with GE drawing

– Supply and fit 3inch dia permeate connection hoses (with connection fittings) between the permeate header and each membrane cassette (2 No. per cassette, 24 in total)

– Supply and fit 3inch dia air connection hoses (with connection fittings) between the back pulse air header and each membrane cassette (1No. per cassette, 12 in total)

– Permeate Air Separator, piping and valves to Permeate Pump inlet

– Permeate Pump including motor, coupling, base and fixings

– Delivery piping and valves from the Permeate Pump to the existing discharge header flange at high level.

– Cleaning water recycling piping and valve including supports and fixings.

– Extension to the back pulse line including all piping and fittings.

– Reject piping and valves to complete the connection between the filter and reject drain.

– Compressed air (pneumatic) header piping and valves with tube connections to instruments and actuator- s