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Acceptable Solutions

FILTEC has a range of Acceptable Solutions in various sizes to ensure small drinking water suppliers can provide safe drinking water in a practical, compliant and cost-effective way.

What are Acceptable Solutions?

Taumata Arowai has created acceptable solutions so particularly small suppliers can easily meet their obligations with ready-made water treatment options for varied water sources, qualities and volumes, with separate guides for Roof Water, Spring and Bore Water and Rural Agricultural supplies. These guides clarify what treatment is required and the complete solution must be in place to ensure compliance.

The new water services regulator, Taumata Arowai is dedicated to promoting supplier responsibility and ensuring suppliers meet their duty of care and regulatory obligations. Taumata Arowai is looking to partner with the water services sector and provide good practical guidelines and information to make understanding and achieving compliance easy. The goal of Taumata Arowai is to improve water quality across Drinking Water, Wastewater and Storm water.


How do our Acceptable Solutions work?

The first step is to identify the water source and determine the quality of the water through a standard laboratory water test. From here the following steps can be taken,

  • FILTEC Design form completed and supplied with water analysis
  • Water treatment system design created based on and sized for your requirements
  • FILTEC Partner engaged to provide installation and ongoing support
  • ?

What water treatment issues can it solve?

At the heart of all the Acceptable Solutions is disinfection. Disinfection ensures the water is safe to drink by preventing illness causing pathogens that can be present in raw water infecting people. Water analysis also ensures we create simple treatment steps to prevent any other harmful contaminants or undesirable taste, odour and visual aspects affecting water quality.

Common issues that are encountered are,

  • Rainwater: 
  • Spring & Bore Water: ?
  • Agricultural water:

Why FILTEC Acceptable Solutions?

  • FILTEC has over 30 years of local industry experience and knowledge in water treatment
  • Integration of World leading commercial grade UV products into Acceptable Solutions
  • Complete commercial solution with multiple monitoring points and indicators with inbuilt safety features including solenoid shutoff
  • Multiple models covering a wide range of flow rates
  • Simple modular design for easy transport and fast installation
  • Nationwide Partner work for installation and ongoing support
  • Easy upgrade to IoT monitoring
  • Full range of pretreatment solutions available to ensure optimal operation of Acceptable Solutions.

How can FILTEC's Acceptable Solutions benefit your project?

Blocks Blue

Modular building blocks for all water sources

These solutions are designed based on raw water quality with various additional treatment solutions being added and sized as required to remove unwanted contaminants and meet treated water demand.

Safe Water Blue

Safe, Clean Water

Optional upgrade to Internet of Things (IOT) monitoring gives real time overview no matter where your plant is located. Flexible configuration and simple setup deliver real time data to multi-platform mobile and desktop dashboards. Automated notifications at various set points ensure you stay up to date with plant operation.

IoT Blue

IoT Connectivity and Monitoring

Design experience and quality components deliver built in safety to ensure water quality is monitored and automatically stops the flow of water if quality is compromised. With a world leading VIQUA validated UV disinfection system at the heart of each system.

Partner Blue

Installed, Commissioned and Maintained by a local partner

FITLEC has an extensive partner network across New Zealand to ensure local support is on hand when you need it. Our partners have years of experience and have been trained by FILTEC staff. They have spares and accessories available when you need them.

Project Case Studies (if any)

FILTEC has a long history of working with major water authorities, city and town councils. Check out our recent projects at Water Treatment Plants.

Cure for Pahiatua Water Woes
Cure for Pahiatua Water Woes Tararua District Council has conducted extensive research for several years to find a solution for
Resilience Water Supply for Pahiatua
Pahiatua has historically sourced its drinking water from the Mangatainoka River. However, it frequently suffers from high turbidity and taste and odour issues. A bore was brought online to support the town supply, but it struggles to meet demand during peak seasons.


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