Kinloch Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrades


Taupo District Council


$1.39 Million

Project type:

Plant Capacity:
1.9 MLD

Customer Need

Due to the rapid growth of the Kinloch township Taupo District Council required significant upgrades to the existing wastewater treatment plant, including the conversion of their existing Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) system to a Membrane Bioreactor. The existing SBR tanks were to be converted into biological reactors, and a new set of submerged membranes installed downstream of such reactors. 

FILTEC were awarded the contract for the membrane filtration equipment works in partnership with Suez. 

What We Did

FILTEC were responsible for the design, supply, delivery, installation and commissioning support for the membrane filtration equipment.  

The installation consisted of submerged hollow fibre membranes with the associated tanks, instruments, and membrane headers. 

The permeate/backpulse pumps were supplied as standalone skids, which enable quick on-site install. 

The membranes were commissioned for treatment of wastewater up to 1.9MLD to meet Client’s requirements.  

A complete Clean-in-Place (CIP) system including storage tanks and standalone chemical dosing cabinets was also provided. 

All of Filtec’s pre-fabrication was completed at FILTEC’s Auckland workshop before shipping to site. Installation and commissioning were done on site by the main contractor’s team, with support of skilled FILTEC personnel.  

The provided membranes are specifically designed for difficult-to-treat water sources – these are the strongest reinforced PVDF hollow fibre in the industry with a tensile strength of 600N which is less susceptible to fibre breakage than unsupported fibres. The modules also have an optimum and defined fibre spacing which promotes high solids tolerance, less prone to sludging and fibre breakage as opposed to high packing density unsupported membrane configurations. They provide the customer with high-performance, energy efficiency, and proven membrane life. 

The Results

Upon completion the Wastewater Treatment Plant will treat municipal wastewater flows from both residential development and tourism with disposal of the final effluent via a sub-surface drip irrigation (SSDI) system.  

The membrane filtration equipment was installed in November 2021.